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Differences between NA1 & NA2 brakes

6 September 2012
I have read conflicting comments on the forums about exactly what the differences are between the two brake set ups. Can someone please clarify what the differences are hardware wise, and if the set ups are interchangeable.

40/36mm front pistons (2275mm^2)
282x28mm front rotors

42mm rear piston (1385mm^2)
282x21mm rear rotors

f/r hydraulic bias 62:38


40/34mm front pistons (2165mm^2)
298x28 front rotors

48mm rear piston (1810mm^2)
303x23mm rear rotors

f/r hydraulic bias 54:46

NA2 brakes bolt right on to NA1 cars. You can use NA1 calipers and NA2 mounting brackets for bigger rotors but you'll still have NA1 bias.

From the wiki on brakes: https://www.nsxprime.com/wiki/Brakes
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In addition to the caliper and rotor changes, there were some changes to the ABS between 1991 and 2000 and then a major redesign of the ABS unit in 2000.
You'll need the bigger spare tire.The brake line is a bit longer in the rears. The anti rattle springs were an issue.

If you want bigger rotors, you can just get the NA2 brackets and rotors.

Sets don't come up very often.
So looks like NA2 brakes are slightly larger than NA1 brakes. Will NA2 brakes bolt right onto NA1's, and NA1 brakes bolt onto NA2's?