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DIY request

1 July 2006
Henderson, NV (Las Vegas)
Ladies (?) and Gents,

I am relatively new to the Vegas area (just moved in January). Time has certainly flown, and my NSX has sat...

It is with mixed emotion that I am selling my NSX (maybe...if I can let it go!). But before I do that I have to change the master and slave cylinders. I have the parts in hand and I am looking to do the work here at my home. The problem is, I have no one to assist me. I know how to do it, but figured if anyone here in town has first hand experience I would appreciate the help. I will compensate in either cash or fine wine, spirits, and/or beer. I work for Diageo (look it up at www.diageo.com) so maybe a bottle of Johnny Blue would do the trick??? :biggrin:

I know it's a stretch, but I figured I would ask before I began alone and resorted to shouting 4 letter words at the car thinking it will help!:wink:

Thanks all, I hope to hear from some one soon. Feel free to call at 702-334-0644 as well.

Hey Chuck, sorry to hear you're selling your car. We met recently on Eastern at the sandwhich shop.

If you need some assistance, you might want to check with the Factor X guys, they do most of the work on my car now days, since I'm local to them. Their rates are reasonable, and they do great work.

What's up BZ?!

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I'm not crazy about selling it but I would like to put the cash in to my backyard. It's probably the responsible thing to do...responsibility sucks!!! Oh well.

The problem lies in the fact that I have the line drained so it's not mobile right now. No big deal. I'll get it done, but I just figured it would be a good opportunity to hang out with some local NSX guys before I sell.

THanks man, see you around town.