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Do not trust paul coggeshall

29 September 2005
Phoenix, AZ
I made a decent amout of money in 2007. Enough that I was willing to risk $50k+ to have a so-called close friend who supposedly knew the ins and out of importing vehicles from Japan get me a R34 Skyline GTR. Anyway, this supposed friend took advantage of my trusting nature and used the money I gave him to live a short term lavish lifestyle in Scottsdale, AZ, full of Bacardi and Diet Coke drinks and Affliction t-shirts. After doing some research I confirmed that he's not a person you would ever want to do business with.

If you search the Idaho State Judiciary repository you can find that he has had numerous run-ins with the law, including grand theft auto. Just do a search for paul coggeshall and you can spend hours examining his criminal past. And that's just Idaho...


I also found this on Honda-Tech.com


For the girls out there who think they're hookin up with a baller with a pimp 7 series bimmer, he bought it with stolen money and he will soon be leeching off you once he's blown through the money I gave him. Oh, and he's not 29 like his several MySpace pages say. He's nearing 40 and still can't make money legitimately.

He's got several MySpace accounts, one in which he poses as a girl (not really sure why). Here they are though-




He's had several failed businesses in the past, all named PXRD, Power Xtreme or Power Extreme Racing Development.

Whatever he calls himself these days or whatever LLC he hides behind, do not trust Paul Coggeshall!

Since he'll likely be doing business under of number of aliases and/or LLCs, here's a picture of Paul Coggeshall, taken from one of his MySpace pages. Do not trust him.

So did you give him the 50K for the skyline?

Ive known that guy for sometime now, to many people lost money to him thinking they were getting a good deal...

I no longer talk to him anymore. He still "runs" PXRD but does no "performance" business. He makes water to air intercoolers for diesels....that arnt to appealing to look at.
I was there a couple of weeks ago getting a friends car the hell out of his shop!!!

He's located in tempe on Broadway and Kyrene..
There's deffinately a black skyline in his shop with years of dust on it. You should go get it!!
So did you give him the 50K for the skyline?

He's located in tempe on Broadway and Kyrene..
There's deffinately a black skyline in his shop with years of dust on it. You should go get it!!

I gave him a total of $48k. $43k for the car and $5k for some miscellaneous customs fees he fabricated.

UPDATE: He responded to another one of my posts about this situation on Honda-tech.com


He says it was a partnership and that we both lost out. Pfffff. He said he would put in $10k of his own money and take care of the legalization process if I split the profits made from selling the car with him. I was open to this since I was not as familiar with importation laws as I am now. He says that his importer went MIA. His importer never existed. When I questioned the proceedings a while back I told Paul I wanted to speak to his ‘importer’ directly. All he had was a name and an email address – Darren Larson [email protected]. Pretty trusting to be giving $58k to a person when all you know is a name and hotmail address. I began sending emails to this fabricated person - Darren. I received responses. I noticed that both Darren and Paul had horrible spelling in their emails, and it made me wonder. When I received my first email from ‘Darren’ he was supposed to be in Japan. I did an IP trace on the email and found that it originated from AZ. How weird. With other emails I received from him, 'Darren' was supposedly in California. After an IP trace I found that they also originated from AZ. Hmmm. I wonder if Darren and Paul are the same person….

He then says he would give me his personal R33 GT-R if I gave him an additional $20k (the car you mentioned Stmpo). He paid less than $30k for that car (with my money I’m sure), so he was basically willing to take less than a $10k loss on this other car if I would consider this a closed deal. Nope.

My lawsuit is underway. He has been dodging process servers for the last couple months. He will be served by publication very shortly, which means I will likely win by default. From there it’s just a matter of collecting, and then the criminal lawsuit…
UPDATE: I won my lawsuit and the preceding counterclaim for defamation of character, which was hilarious by the way. I wish had invited a group of friends with me to watch this idiot justify to the judge that I should pay him $100k for posting this thread.
PCC Collision, Tempe, AZ

I've pretty much put this issue behind me, but as I had assumed Paul Coggeshall got out of his judgement by filing bankruptcy. Oh well.

His latest venture is a body shop in Tempe, AZ - PCC Collision.

If he runs this business like his others, you should steer clear.

Paul now goes by Paul D or Paul C since his last name has been tarnished. He finally gave up on the comb-over and went bald. Other members of this LLC are Eric Deskchamps and Jonah Hunt.

Be on the lookout! Don't get ripped off by Paul like I did!