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Does my dream car exist???

28 August 2001
Well, I'm almost done saving for my dream car. But before I start looking for it, I should know whether it even exists! I am looking for these options:

Coupe (not targa)
Monte Carlo Blue
3.2-liter engine

I'd really like to buy the car new, but I don't think I can get these options anymore.

Well thanks!

I don't think you'll be able to order a 2001 any more as Honda is probably already starting pre-production efforts on the 2002 model. However, if you could...

...you would have been able to order a Monaco Blue, 6 speed, 3.2L, hardtop. Try it and see.

Hopefully, you'll be able to order a 2002 with the features you want.


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You can't buy Monte Carlo Blue (a medium-dark true blue) any more. You can only buy Monaco Blue (a brighter, purplish blue).

Given the fact that the coupes are special ordered, you're likely going to wind up with a 2002, as Jimbo mentioned. We don't know yet what colors will be offered for 2002.
What about going the used route?
I searched classifieds2000.com, and could find any blue ones, they seem to be quite rare! I don't even know about the coupe.

AFAIK, there is only one Monte Carlo Blue coupe, and the current owner is not interested in selling. He's having too good a time taking it to track events in Southern California.

If you're willing to get a used MCB NSX-T, you can find one. They're out there, just keep looking. Although some are in better condition than others.
Only one?
Oh well, I think I'll wait to see what is available for 2002. If there isn't anything I like, I guess I'll make do with a targa.

Thanks again!