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Downpipes Issue. Need help!

29 June 2009
Naxos, Greece
Help! My car is in the shop to install my downpipes and exhaust. It's a 2019 and the tech is telling me that the downpipes changed in 2019 and they now have 2 oxygen sensors, whereas the older models have the first sensor in the manifold, before the turbo. But when I look at all websites, there is only one downpipes version listed.
Hello, fear not. Not sure you have SOS downpipes. As Chris is really good about what he manufacturers. Having said that, you can find on his website a video of the installation. While it is on a 2017. There is another video from LHT Performance where the owner is installing a SOS downpipe on a 2019 NSX. Same downpipe. Here is the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l_7jhglKIA I really doubt that the NSX changed the location of the first sensor though they could have. I just doubt it. Hope that helps
I checked on an Acura OEM website and the catalytic convertor is the same for the 2017, 2018, 2019, and the 2020. Perhaps the tech is new to replacing the cat and/or is concerned in doing this. My car had the SOS installed at an Acura Dealership during the Gas Tank Recall. So the cost was reduced. This is an example, same part number for all years, Converter Assembly, L - Acura (18280-58G-A00)
Thx. All good now. Primary looks like it’s on the downpipe due to a heat shield but is actually on the turbo housing. Installed and loving the sound!
Make sure all factory heat shields are still on...