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Drag Racing at Great Lakes in Union Grove

Man i haven't been to great lakes in years

I'd love to see some NSXs run but im not sure on what my schedule will be like
I can tell you that I had a blast when we went. The blog site on the original post is closed. An actual website was created. It's in it's infancy, but here's the link www.drivnn.com

To avoid confusion, I should add that Wil was not the guy that was talking all the trash about killing me in a race. Wil's mug is on there because he actually had the best time with the guys car (which he let Wil drive). There have only been two cars race thus far, hence the short 'leader board' ;)

I've agreed to help Wil (moderator/owner of drivnn) with the next event. We are shooting for Sept. 21st. I'll definitely be there with the NSX. We're working with Great Lakes Dragaway to get some group discount pricing. More info to come...
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I would like to get there before they close up for the year. Was thinking of some Saturday or Sunday in late Oct.
I'm definently in if I can ever get my damn car back. You need to come take me out for another drive Paul, I'm in withdrawl.

I know the feeling...mine was down for a good 3 months last year due to boneheads hitting me. I'll swing by soon for a drive. My exhaust has been getting louder and louder. I either blew a gasket, or the WOT runs at the track cleared something out. Not sure, but it's sounding meaner and meaner. Let's take a look at it. I'll call you this weekend.
UPDATE Oct. 5th Drag Racing at Great Lakes in Union Grove


The sponsored DrivNN event has been confirmed for October 5th. Those of you that have not done so already, please email me directly at [email protected] to firm up your spot with us.
The first 10 drivers that commit will be sponsored for free by DrivNN. All you need to do is confirm Oct 5th. I’ll need your first name, car make/year, and email address. The fee is normally $40, but will be waived for the first 10 sponsored ‘drivNN’ entries. If you do not make the first 10 registered, we can still get you in for a $20 discounted rate. Spectators who mention Drivnn at the gate will only pay $10, instead of the usual $15.

It is imperative that you register/login to the forum http://www.drivnn.com/forum/ for consideration/discount. Please take a few moments to do this. It's the least we can ask for sponsoring you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please plan on being at GLD on the 5th around 11:15-11:30am.(http://www.greatlakesdragaway.com)

We are targeting import/high end cars for this event. NSXs, S2Ks, 911s, 350z, etc. will be participating for this day.

If you have not been to the GLD track before, please read these guidelines/rules: http://www.greatlakesdragaway....e=faq

Finally, DrivNN is not responsible for any damage done to your car, anyone else's car, or to the track itself. Any bodily injury sustained as a result of driving is the responsibility of the driver.

Happy Motoring,
Paul C.
[email protected]

Just an FYI, I registered in drivNN, but with user name M Badger, not brahtw8.

I will see you on the 5th. It should be fun.

Just an FYI, I registered in drivNN, but with user name M Badger, not brahtw8.

I will see you on the 5th. It should be fun.

I've got you. Thanks. I may give you a password to get into the gate. I'll keep you posted.

Should be a good time...
I am going to try to make it sunday. Try to commit by wednesday. I hope the weather clears up, supposed to rain sunday as of right nows forecast. How many people have signed up so far?
We are set for the race day tomorrow. Weather.com is showing a 40% chance
of rain, which could damper things. We still intend on moving forward
with the day.

We've got about 5 or 6 NSXs showing up. Some 911s, 350zs, etc will be joining the fray. Videos of the races will be posted.

Please PM me if you'd like to join us. We can sponsor you for free or get you half off (which again would be $20 instead of $40)

If there is a problem when you get to the track, please call me on my cell phone: 773-490-1323.

Thank you,

Paul Colella
I think paul meant that drag racing was canceled at GLD tomorrow(Great Lakes Dragway not GRD), that is a different event which I don't know anything about.
I showed up at the track at 11:20 am. The track was open.

The lady at the gate told me that DrivNN had canceled the event.

The weather was fine. You guys knew there was a chance of rain, but stated the event was going forward.

I wish I would have known it was canceled before I wasted a couple of hours.
I see they still have open track days this month. This weekend looks great but they have Import Wars. I may try to get there Sat the 25th or Sun the 26th this month for a couple runs weather permitting of course.
Damn. I wanted to race you!:eek::biggrin:


Im sorry that you waisted your time! I had called paul that morning to confirm that it was cancelled.

The Car is getting ready to be put away for the season so I will not be partaking in this untill next year.