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Drove an NSX for the first time today...

1 March 2005
Sacramento, CA
Let me start by saying... :biggrin:

I fit in the car just fine (I'm 6'-0") with a little room to spare in the seat adjustment. This is important since I may be buying this car in the near future. The clutch engages much higher than I'm used to, but after searching the forum it sounds like that's normal. No biggie, I'm just used to keeping my heel on the floor while letting the clutch out.

Okay, to the good part!... Awesome sound! He said I couldn't drive it unless I took it up above 7k rpm, so I didn't want to disappoint him. Gotta say it again, incredible sound. He thinks it has a Hennessay(?) exhaust, but wasn't sure since it was on the car when he bought it a couple years ago. It also has a chip, SSR 17's and 18's and Koni adjustable shocks. It rides a little tight, but I would probably just get used to it before adjusting the shocks softer. Its a '91 and has high mileage (148k), but I'm not concerned with mileage. In fact, I think its better that the car is driven daily than to be a garage queen. If the motor goes, I'll just buy another used one and swap it. :wink:

The one question I have is; the springs seem to be stock. What springs do you guys recommend for a car that will driven about two or three times a week? I guess I would like it to sit about 3/4" lower than it is if possible.

dang said:
What are the choices for springs and what do you guys recommend for a car driven two or three times a week. My preference would be to lower it about 3/4" to an inch at the most.

just get a set of blistein shocks on lower perch w/ stock springs... :wink: