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E85 NSX and AEM

22 August 2003
Im from Sweden ( sorry for my spelling ), planing to import a NSX from Germany this summer, or winter ( depending on what I can find ).
My qeustion is regarding the AEM, E85 and the NSX.

Gasoline prices in skandinavia is silly at the moment. And everyon is on the E85 hype ( tax relieves etc etc bla bla for E85 users ).

SO, a NSX that runs on E85 sounds to be a winner.. And a fun project :)

So what do I need for this "project"?
New pump ( I dont know the flow capabilities of the stock pump, som im not sure on this )
Bigger injectors.
And a ECM that can be reprogramed.

The Aem plug and play unit seems good.
Is the AME and the AEM 02 able to handle closed loop operations with a A/F other then 14,7:1? The stoich for E85 is 9.765, so that’s what I need aim for, at least for closed loop operations.
PE is another thing..

Anyone done this?


You need 330cc injectors or more
You don't need to change the fuel pump
AEM EMS is the best, it's sure, you can add +10° on Ignition to compare with RON98
I recommand you to change the fuel line, E85 is very corrosive
Maybe change the fuel tank, a friend's tank was corrosion/rust with RON98.
You can win 10-15hp with E85, but you need to add 30% for the fuel
Thanks for the fast answer..

God news regarding the fuelpump.

Do you really think that its a probleme with E85 and the stock fuellines? I heard/read about pontential extra wear on rubber gasgets but never on fuellines etc. It would be good to know what kind of material modern flexifuel cars use today..

And about the AEM, can you use the wideband for closed loop operations at other A/F then 14,7:1? Is that a changeable parameter in the AEM software?