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Ebay NSX / Ferrari conversion

Like we haven't seen one of these before...:rolleyes:

Nothing to see here....move along. :biggrin:
I can understand doing this to a fiero or even an mr2 which I own. But to do this to an nsx?!??!!? :frown: They are limited as it is.

I do agree though, it does look better than most. Probably because it was an nsx.
From the ad, "This car cost $100,000 to make." You give me $100k, I'll kick you in the nuts and we'll call it even.
wow, they just put a ferrari sticker right over the acura on the wheel. Coulda spent a few hundred more (out of the 100k) and got a momo wheel or something.
that one looks a little bit weird when u look at its side photo. a little bit shorter than real F50.
LOL. Ferrari LOGO on steering wheel. i know F50 doesn't have electronic window. haha

100,000 to build that one? highly doubt .

did he ever think about what if the car get crashed? how can he repair it if anyone hits it.

o check this. really amazing.
PORSCHE CARRERA GT conversion. it's made from a boxster. LOL. auto tranny.

also, looks very short to be porsche GT.
I don't understand people who take on stupid lame arse projects like these...

That Boxster/GT conversion looks nothing like the real Carrera GT in terms of proportions. The real Carrera GT is very low and long/sleek looking.

Same thing with the Ferrari conversion.

I hope these people lose their shirts on these projects.
those conversions really cost a lot to do, and they will never add value on their cars.
lol. his "F50" will never have F50 performance.
his "Carrera GT" will never have Carrera GT's performance. LOL

this is the seller's comments "Very Sexy! I can't drive it with out people taking pictures and or commenting. Fast and fun to drive. "

SEXY? FAST? auto tranny boxster is fast? FUN? i highly doubt.
I like the NSX Floor Mats still, and I wonder if the Radio now Says Ferrari :)
I wrote him and asked what mods were done the reply was..."Yes I owner all car is stocked items mechanical":confused: hehe
I just looked up some F50 photos and you have admit whoever made this thing really has some talent.


Consider it will sell for 5% of the cost of an F50 and will fool 95% of people... that's pretty good bang for the buck attention-factor wise.

But to then go and sell it? I can't understand why the dude didn't simply buy a 512TR in the first place?
Disappeared? ...smoke and mirrors???

You mean..no....no...not another scam????:confused: