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el cheapo lcd screen

12 May 2003
Seattle, WA
so i was at best buy the other day and saw that their 5" LCD screens for XBOX, PS2 and Game Cube were only $49 down from $149. Well i bought and one and took it apart. I think that i would be able to fit this in a NAV pod, godwilling the Circuit Card that drives the display isnt too damn big to fit, anyhow i was only really going to use this display for rear view mirror action via a camera in the trunk, or a radiator mounted camera (because Len3.8 says i'm too short to see over the steering wheel :biggrin:) anyhow i thought this might be of interest to some of you guys that were looking for cheap lcd screens for a custom nav pod setup. if i can find a circuit card to drive the display that has a smaller footprint i think this will be alot easier.

<img src = "http://www.khappucino.com/lcd.jpg">