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factory phone removal

25 November 2004
Upstate NY
I want to remove the factory phone from my '92 . I've removed 5 screws from the floor of the console storage box, and 2 screws from the phone cradle. The cradle remains tightly attached to the floor and ,although the box is somehat loose, I cannot remove it and I don't see any other fasteners anywhere. Any hints/tips?
I pulled mine totally out, including all connections and boxes behind the seats and in the trunk. Was all fairly easy so could you explain in more detail the problem you are having.
The problem is that I've removed all visible screws from the inside of the console storage box and it's still firmly attached to the floor/console. It seems as though there is another screw(s) still holding it down. I also removed 2 visible screws from the phone cradle and it won't budge either. Maybe I'm just not pulling up on it hard enough, but I don't want to damage anything. Does the box pull straight up or does it nedd to be slid one way or the other?
I attempted to remove the storage box again, this time being very aggressive and something is defintely holding it in place. Atlthogh I can wiggle it side to side, it will not come off . When I really applied pressure, I could hear the sound of things snapping under the box. The phone cradle itself is so firmly attached to the floor of the box that it won't budge at all, even with the 2 screws removed, which allegedly hold it in place. It appears that there may be a fastener under the cradle, but, as noted, the cradle is so tight that it's lik a part of the floor.

Although I can live with the phone in place, I plan on having my ccu rebuilt at some point and getting this box off is a necessary step .

Any thoughts, besides destroying the box ?

If you have the 4 screws out that hold the box it should come out. But getting to those screws requires removing the felt covered bottom of the box. I have not seen a factory phone, my car had an after market phone installed and it was just screwed through the bottom cover plate with a hole sawed hole for the wires.