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faulty radio antenna

24 April 2002
Vancouver BC Canada
At my last service, I asked the dealer to clean the antenna mast. When I received the car back, I noticed that there was now a significant "grating" noise when the antenna was opening or closing. Shotly thereafter the antenna would not retract completely and now not at all. However the noise persists.
Could someone advise whether just the mast will need replacement or the entire unit (which I understand is pretty pricey). Thanks.
You may want to try lubricating it with some silicone grease. If you use aerosol spray be sure to spray onto a cloth (face away from the car) and apply the grease to the mast while it is extended. It's cheap and worth a try. I've had multiple Acuras (not my NSX) with antenna mast issues in the past and the silicone seemed to get them working for a while. I've also replaced a few masts in the past as well.

Most of the problems that I had were due to slight bends in the mast. They may have bent the mast slightly when cleaning it.

You should be able to purchase the mast by itself and not the entire motor assembly.

A quick google search for NSX antenna mast turned up this link:


About ~$40 for the mast itself. You should be able to do an google search for "acura antenna mast replacement" and get instructions. As I mentioned earlier I've done it a few times in the past and it only takes a couple minutes.
Thanks. I will try the silicone. However the dealer seemed to be inferring that the plastic teeth were probably no longer operable. If that is the case, is it a mast replacement or the antenna gears or what that needs replacing?
You probably need to replace the mast. Like someone said, the mast is about $40. I bought an aftermarket antenna from crutchfield. The whole unit was $40, and the masts are $13. Plus I got a black mast to match my car. Just FYI.