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Few Q's from new NSX Owner

23 March 2005
I just bought a '93 NSX, and I have a few questions for the board.

I bought a new NSX Leather shifter knob, because the original was warn. Rather than a screw-in, I found it to be a "clip" on. Can someone help me with how to install it myself? Actually, I'm sure I can install it if I can get the old one off.

When backing up, I hear a whistling sound from the rear, has anyone had this problem? Is it a problem?

Finally, the previous owner explained to me all of the mods he had done to the car, but I was enjoying the drive so much that I really didn't pay that close attention. I know the car has been considerably lowered, has new rims, headers, intake, and probably more. Is there somewhere where I can see someone's pictures of their engine to see if they had somethings similar to mine done on theirs?

Thanks in advance.

'93 Blk/Blk Owner
at the bottom of the shift knob put your hand around the shift boot and push down. then unsrew the knob. your squeeling noise is probably tthe rear brakes worn to worn to the wear indicator.
why not call the guy up and ask again. might save you some $$ if he put in shorties or something, or a racing clutch, and you want to upgrade later on thinking you have OEM parts whereeas they are already upgraded...

next stop: supercharger....
Rae, I'm positive that is the cold-air intake that I have. I will call the guy back, and find out exactly what he's put in it. I thought about a supercharger, but this thing is scary fast right now. Just tonight a new Mustang GT revved up beside. I was kind of tired, so I let him go, but he slowed down, and I still let him go by. He started to slow down again, so I just redlined it, and was by him in no time. At the next stop light he waved, and said he justed wanted to see what the NSX would do. The acceleration is really unbelievable. I can't imagine this thing with a supercharger. BTW, I saw on the SE Board that someone was looking at this car from Phil and wanted someone here to look at it. If he's on this board, I was the one who bought it.

Tech, I tried unscrewing the knob, but the it felt like the leather boot was going to tear-off from the twisting. My new knob has no threads.
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93BlkOnBlkNSX said:
I thought about a supercharger, but this thing is scary fast right now...The acceleration is really unbelievable. I can't imagine this thing with a supercharger.
Take your time with the mods. Enjoy the car as is for a bit.
I did not like the RM Cold Air Intake - I have since taken it off and put on a Cantrell System with a CF Air Box. The air tube just looked and hooked up to cheesy to be on an NSX (just my opinion). :cool:

Start the mods off slow though - the engine is so expensive to replace - I have steered away from turbos/Superchargers so far - :rolleyes:

I have made numerous additions that make my 92 more like a newer model..ie - DC Headers, Random Cats, RSR Exhaust, Type "S" suspension, Comptech Sway bars, 95 Style Rims, 95 Stereo system, Stiffer Strut brace, slotted and drilled Rotors, Synthetic Brake fluid.

I love the way the car looks on the outside so I wont be touching that - :biggrin: - yet
Regarding the shift knob, just below the leather shift knob there are tabs at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions that need to be pressed in. You can use a very small screwdriver to help you, BUT be very careful not to scratch the little silver ring at the top of the shift boot. From what I remember that piece is just cheap plastic.

Once the tabs are pressed in the shift boot pulls directly down, then the leather shift know just unscrews.

good luck
93blkonblknsx- If you are down in Huntsville AL and bought the car from R&J Motors it was me that was trying to look at that car. I actually had someone there the day you bought the car but was too late by the time I got back to Rick and Steve. Give me a Pm and I can give you the run down on what all the car has. I had done some pritty extensive reasearch on the car and I still have my notes. I'll fill you in with what ever I have. Congrats on getting what I though anyway was a great car. i'm sure you will enjoy it.


PS- I ended up getting a different on the I was looking at about 2 weels later, so it looks like things worked out good for us both. :biggrin:
Bill, I did buy that car. Congrats on getting one a couple of weeks later. I think I saw the guy that had come down to look at it; if he drove a 911. I had been looking for an NSX for about 2 years, but couldn't find one here until that very morning. So far, I have really enjoyed the car, and I would greatly appreciate any info you may have collected. The only thing I plan on changing is putting the CD changer back in. It seems to really have been taken care of well. My email is [email protected]. Thanks in advance,