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Fiberglass door inserts

10 March 2012
New Bern, North Carolina
I decided to fabricate myself some fiberglass door pieces to replace the wrinkly leather ones that were behind the handle along that panel. Color matched them to the car. I think it looks much better and makes the interior less plain. Next is the red thread and adding some red to other areas to stick with the red and black theme in my car.


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Thank you. I was wondering what others opinions would be. I'm surprised no one is making and selling anything like this. If they are I couldn't find them.
Great idea, but i think it would look more exotic if you replaced with alcantara or a softer (red) material ...
Thought about that too, but I'm going to have to wait until I update the rest of the interior. For now it will just be a starting platform.
In high school I worked at an auto shop. Started off with stereo systems and electronics installation then went to body work, then mechanics and drive trains, then fabrication. I have done some carbon fiber work but it was making parts that were getting painted. CF would be pretty sweet with a matched center trim and door switch panels!
I just checked out the DIY section on carbon fiber skinning..... Looks very interesting! I'm going to have to try it out.
So what does the unpainted piece look like? Any pictures from the back and how is it mounted to the panel?
It was basically just like a sub enclosure. The first layer is fiberglass cloth, then fiberglass mat, then bondo hair over the areas with the metal plates ( we will get to that ) and then bondo, and finishing gel, block sanded them then prime, paint, clear, wetsand, and buff. Before I primed them they were an ugly combination of pink, red, green, and a yellowish. They are mounted the same way the OEM leather panels are. Just metal triangles that stick out through a hole in the door panel that you bend up and they come off. The individual leather panels have 4-5 mounting points per piece and mine has 6 total. they are perfectly stable though.

The piece behind where the actual door handle is was harder. Had to carefully take off the leather and foam so I didn't ruin them. Then soak and rub off all the adhesive left over. They are just black plastic so I prime, paint, cleared, wetsand, buffed them.

I also used door trim oddly enough around the fiberglass plate. It looked better than the edges of the fiberglass. I think the next set I make I may try a few things different. Anyone have any ideas? Other than CF. Thats on the menu too.

So what does the unpainted piece look like? Any pictures from the back and how is it mounted to the panel?

I'll post a few photos up later on also.
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It looks like you did a nice job but hard door panels are normally used on race cars for weight savings. A nice red leather wrap would be more luxurious. A softer material would allow you to fill any gaps and holes where it touches another material.
Thanks, they look pretty good but they don't exactly satisfy my OCD that I have with my custom work. There are still some very slight waves and the clear + wet sanding made even the slightest dimple or hole visible. Also they are a painted part easy to scratch. I have to make an effort to remember not to throw my hand in the gap to grab the handle or my wedding ring will tear them up. For the final product I will end up wrapping them in something or CF. I haven't thought about red leather though. If I could get it close to the R77 paint color it could be a final solution.
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I had a Tamoske set of CF in my car. Sold them to a member here since I was going another route. They looked quite sexy.