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Finally got the NSX

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
Ended up getting the one in the best condition. It is a 92 Red/Blk with 60K miles. The red is beautiful and bright. Live in Austin, so would like to get involved with other owners and NSXCA. Thanks for all the help. It was so hard to go back to work. I walk by the window every 5 mins to just go look at it.
Should we show him the secret handshake now?

Norm, I owned a black NSX for 1 year. I sold it 3 weeks ago b/c I regretted settling for something that wasn't going to ever be "the one". Throughout the year, I looked at classifieds every nite for a silver NSX. A few came & went as I was still stuck w/ the black one. I finally sold the black NSX 3 weeks ago & was about to buy a mint red/blk w/ only 36k miles on it. The only thing it lacked was the CD changer. I went to a local high-end stereo retailer to shop for a compatible Alpine unit. To my luck, shock, & the grace of God, the shop manager had just was selling his...you guessed it...'91 Sebring Silver NSX!!! I wish I would have seen this forum section sooner, b/c I still had a lot of mental debates over which NSX to buy, the mint all original Red w/ only 36k miles or the near mint Silver w/ 57k miles, but w/ all the best aftermarket upgrades already installed. The price difference was $1,500 respectively. As you can see by my user name, I went w/ my gut instincts & drove home the Silver. Rule of thumb, 1 week later I see 2 Sebring Silver NSX's for sale (see Marketplace)...I hate "what if's", but I'm still a very happy NSXer.
When i picked up my key, i spoke with a number of the service guys just getting estimates on service. They said the knew you and that you have gotten quite a bit of work done there. What part of Austin are you in? I live/work NW, Mopac/Parmer/Duval area.

92 Red/Blk