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Finally, I'm an NSX owner!

16 April 2012
Allendale, NJ
Hi everyone! After being in love with the NSX for 20 years, I am finally a proud owner of a 1992 NSX!

Now here's my dilemma...even though I love cars, I don't know much on how to fix anything if something goes wrong. My best analogy would be...like most people's experience with computers. They know how to turn it on, do what they do and shut it down but if something goes wrong with it, they have to call their IT guy. That's me when it comes to cars. I can turn it on, drive, park and shut it down. I've done a lot of reading the wiki section and afraid I might be a little over my head. I'm in the NYC/NJ area and was wondering if there are any referrals for mechanics or dealerships that I should be taking my NSX to.

Thanks in advance for any help and so glad to be part of this community!

- Henry
Welcome Henry! I'm thrilled for you! We need pics, lots of pics! :D

I would contact LarryB, if he's too far away to service your car I'm sure he can give you some great references that are more convenient.

Good luck!
I welcome you on NSX PRIME, to familiarize yourself with the technical and mechanical NSX you can consult the wiki NSX Prime ( http://nsxprime.com/wiki/Category:Do_It_Yourself ), congratulations on your purchase and do not forget to upload pictures to present your NSX and your first feelings of pilot, always very interresting for accustomed as we are:wink:
Congrats and welcom, Larry B is the NSX guru for our region so give him a shout and we all waiting for those pics pics

if your not handy with a wrench or have never changed your brakes before then get to know your local Acura Dealership

if you break something your parts are not in stock they need to be ordered. even something as simple as an air filter will not be in stock.

have fun and snap some pics
Thanks everyone for the support and info! Seems like Larryb is the man around here. I will definitely give him a shout.

I'm in NJ and the car is coming from Cali. Gonna be another week or so before it arrives. I will definitely post pics but I wanna repaint the top first. It was originally black on red but the previous owner painted the top to match the rest of the red. I really like the black on red so if the cost is not terrible, I'm gonna get it back to the black top.

Thanks again everyone!

- Henry
now think about what your gonna do.

some people say they wish the top was the same color as the car.

I say give it a few weeks and see if you like it. if not then get it painted.

but after you paint it you may say I really wish I had NOT done that.

It is also possible to cover the roof with vinyl matt black and keep the red below, it's cheaper than painting and this may be temporary if you do not like the dark:cool:
welcome! seems our NE owners ranks are growing recently:smile: Larry B is the nsxpert ,but you need to be patient...he only has two arms ,and is always in demand.
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Another +1 on doing vinyl for the top. One day you may wish it was red after installing some body mod. At least with vinyl you just peel it off and you are good to go instead of out the cost to repaint again.
Forget the Acura dealer, Larry B is the man to see for 99% of all your needs.
Brian K for the 1%.

+1 for Larry B, really nobody better in the area, the Acura dealerships (with the exception of Davis) really don't have anyone close to Larry's knowledge and ability.
LarryB does seem like the man but he's over an hour away from me.

On another note, I'm starting to like the idea of the vinyl wrap more and more. Anyone have any suggestions on who to use? I'm thinking wrapping an NSX and wrapping a Corolla is basically the same isn't it? I shouldn't need to go somewhere special as long they do good work, right?
If you were wrapping a whole car, that would be one thing. Lots of complex curves to deal with. But the roof and pillars are pretty straightforward. Any shop that has a good reputation and uses a good vinyl (3M and Oracal seem to always be the choice) will work fine.

Also see if they will warranty the wrap job separately from the vinyl manufacturers warranty.
Yes, I should've clarified. I will only be wrapping the top and the pillars. And yes, that's what I was thinking. Should be pretty straight forward for any reputable shop. Thanks for the tip on the warranty!
LarryB does seem like the man but he's over an hour away from me.

An hour away from Larry is like having him next door! It's worth the slight inconveinence. I would at least have Larry look it over once you get it from Cali. Let him bring it completely up to speed then you could find a good local shop to do the "basics". I live approx 2 1/2 hours from Larry and bring my car to him, drop it off and take the bus home...he's that good!
Congratulations on your purchase! Make sure you set aside some money for minor/major repairs after LarryB's consultation :cool: Enjoy your NSX.
LarryB does seem like the man but he's over an hour away from me.


You're kidding right? I know people that bring their cars to Larry from PA, RI,MA,NY,NJ,CT among some along the NE, there is nobody better. I go to Larry for an oil change and I have my own lift (yeah, I know I'm lazy!!)it takes me about an hour+ each way. Worth the trip!!!
OK, you guys convinced me. I guess an hour away isn't so bad for an expert like him. I had a hookup in one of the Acura dealerships in Cali do a once over before we finalized the deal. Minor stuff but I will try to contact Larry B for him to get everything right. The Acura by me in Montclair supposedly has a certified NSX mechanic there for over 20years. Hope he's good.

Still looking for a place to wrap the top tho. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be very appreciative.
I see nothing...Pics now!