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15 March 2005
Plymouth, Michigan
Today is special for me. No fooling :smile: It's been exactly five years since the delivery of a brand new 2004 Imola NSX six speed. I've learned so much. My beauty now has 24,900 miles on her clock, and only a few of those miles with a "pal's" butt in my driver's seat. I've enjoyed the you-know-what out of it and intend to continue so. My story -

Had no sports car at all from 1990 through June, 2003. Actually forgot how much joy a nice car brings to a man's life :redface:

June, 2003, bought a 1996 Nissan 300ZX 2+2.


December, 2003, found NSX Prime and started studying it like a Doctoral candidate. Late 2004 began looking at NSX for real. Torn between Imola Orange and Long Beach Blue, never seen either one in person. Even considered an automatic so the NSX could be shared with the Missus. :confused: Continually obsessed w/availables on Prime, Cars- dot - com - etc Flea bey, etc.... In late February, 2005, a lowly leftover 2004 Imola popped up into E B for sale, brand new with 67 miles, out of San Jose, CA.


I didn't know..... never driven one. Never seen Imola, much less with an orange interior. Figured I'd either love it or hate it (not!). I did my homework on it. Even discovered a fellow Primer (Hey Gary NSXTuner) test drove it! At close of E - B bid I was tied up. Wifey rocked me with the bidding news two hours later.

Apprehension then ruled. Big check. No dough, no MSO! No keys, no car, no title yet... even "buyer's remorse" :frown:

What had I done?


On April 1st, 2005, the big transport pulled into the parking lot. It was orange. It had something orange inside it. Reliable Carriers!

Elated, intimidated, FNG. Six speed? Never driven one. Shift points vs RPM's? News to me. Break in? A few theories about that. Joined NSX Prime, much to learn and re-read applicable Prime postings.

Put a wrap on this before I go Bromley ( :biggrin: ). As I garner 1,000 posts here on Prime and five years of ownership (now with two in the fold), I've met so many fine people, made good friends, and still try to learn all I can from you all. My ownership experience benefits from each of you, even if we disagree sometimes. We share a common ownership experience and palpitation every time we remove the car cover and fire this aluminum beast up.

Motor on. Happy April Fools Day.




5 years! nice!

What a great write up, makes us all appreciate how lucky we are, thanks so much for the short but sweet story and the great pictures, your car is gorgeous no doubt!

I am 1.5 years on my NSX, and there was 0, no day or minute of remorse why "I didn't get a C6 z06 used" or 355, or didn't made my S2k have 500000 HP ... etc etc etc ... this car is that Special!!

5 years… I wish a good and happy birthday has your orange NSX, long life and prosperity (VULCAN hello) :smile:, still much of happiness and long roads together, the NSX is the best of the sport cars!:smile:
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Great story, thanks for sharing. Seeing your Orange with the Blue picture (VERY NICE) reaffirms my belief that this car would look great in ANY color. The lines are downright sexy. Please, relate the Blue story ... I'm sure that's a good one too.
Lol "don't make me go all Bromley on ya":biggrin:
Neil, Congrats n the anniversary. Your an asset to the community even if you go all "bromley" every once in a while :biggrin:

BTW that phrase is now coined.

I look forward to more meets this summer and seeing you and your lovely wife!
Heeeeyyy - wait a minute - WHUT????:biggrin:

Go all Bromley on ya....mmmmMMMMM.....well you know what they say about all this ribbing I'm getting.....something about the sincerest form of flattery - right - I *KNOW* that's what ya'll mean. So I thank you - ahhh - I think.:cool:

Ok, great story Alum - we all love that kind of stuff - especailly us gushers or is that geezers - I guess I fit both categories. Anyway - like others have said we want to know about that blue one - is that the automatic for the misses? I know that orange interior is a wake up call everytime you open the door. I'm sure the other one has a blue interior? Ohhhh boy. I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet just for you guys...Doc, Alum, Source....you know who you are...lol.:biggrin:
Took you awhile ......but its all in fun:tongue:
Took you awhile ......but its all in fun:tongue:

I spread my "going Bromley" on ya around ya know....I've got all kinds of commitments....lol. Yeah, I've been seeing this post listed but haven't had a chance to get here till just a while ago - it was "calling" me though. This is the kind of post that definitely catches my eye! No telling what would have gone on if I hadn't gotten here when I did...:eek::biggrin:
Great story! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful cars!
Good read Neal! Maybe Igo4blue should elaborate on THAT story (getting the blue car........) :tongue:

We love our cars, as you well know.........

Looking forward to our 5-year anniversary as well, we will never get rid of either of ours!

Congrats dude, and thanks for all the advice you gave us when we bought our red car.

Judi (and Brian of course, but he's in the garage painting brake calipers on the TURBO BEAST). :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
brand new nsx in 04.............wow, congrats and enjoy

It is my third year anniversary with mine... in a way.... Actually, I was the winning bidder late March three years back, but it was Easter Sunday, which is today.

Awesome cars.... lots of fun and joy!

Thanks for the great write up....
GREAT story, Neal :cool:

Oh, and thanks for the new verb......................"bromley"

har de har har :biggrin:

GREAT story, Neal :cool:

Oh, and thanks for the new verb......................"bromley"

har de har har :biggrin:


Smile when you say that name Padner...:biggrin: We do have fun here don't we! Glad to be part of it all. I'm not even to my first anniversary yet.