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? for supercharged nsx owners...

12 October 2001
Albany, NY, USA
I am considering doing the Comptech supercharger, exhaust, clutch etc... mods to my 99 Zanardi with 20k miles currently on it. I have one big hesitation though. It's my daily driver and I plan to keep it for 3 years (until around 75k miles). Is the cars reliability going to be compromised by the strain of the supercharger with me driving so many miles. Do you believe the comptech superchargers are durable enough to withstand that kind of longevity without significant maintenence or problems? Is there extra maintenence needed with the supercharger? 20K in mods is hard enough...i don't want to buy an problem along with it.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!!!
It will be fine. Nobody has reported an engine failure related to the CT supercharger.

Some of the supercharger units themselves have failed, but just a few, and it doesn't hurt anything else if it fails. CT has replaced them all at no charge.

Additional maintenance for the SC includes: Changing the supercharger oil (5 minutes + and a few ounces of oil) and the belt occasionally (20-30 minutes depending how nimble your fingers are + a $20 belt). It's also probably good to inspect the belt condition and tension (30 seconds) on occasion. If by chance the belt breaks it doesn't damage anything, BUT you need to stop driving the car soon because your alternator is no longer being driven by the engine. Cary a spare belt and the couple small tools needed to change it in the car just in case. Broken belts are not common if they are tensioned correctly.
Ive got 93,000 miles on my car and am now adding a supercharger.

My theory is, if you can't afford to fix it when it breaks, why do you own it to begin with?

The best part about the NSX is that the reliability factor is awesome. 93,000 miles, no major failures just the usual maintance stuff all cars suffer from.

Read a very similar thread here, where Mark Basch, NSX Supercharger Supergod says:

Also Danny, as to your first question about milage and reliability- Roy is probablly correct that some, even small change in long term reliability is likely but it is unlikely to be a problem you will ever have to address. Maybe it will mean that compression will be down 6 per cent at 100k instead of 4 percent, but who cares. Its a numbers difference rather than a difference that will cost you or affect you in some other negative way. I have SC'd several NSX's that were already in excess of 100k and they have 20 or 30 k miles so far with NO issues. Also, I have several customers who have already put 50 or 60 k miles on their SC NSX's with NO trouble at all.

Of the three superchargers we sell (Comptech Supercharger, GruppeM Supercharger, & Basch Supercharger) each is a very different animal for different customers with different needs.

-- Chris


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I agree with all the comments. I had a supercharger installed this past winter. I would not have gone that direction if I thought it would measurably decreased the engine life or durability. Having made the modification, I have to say that the car feels much faster than before, and I do not have regrets.
I know it's a tired old topic, but has Mark installed any BBSC's on an automatic? Is it worth it? Thanks
I don't have an automatic, but I do have the Gruppe M supercharger on my 92' NSX and I love it.

Ive had the chance to ride in a few CT SC NSX's ... and although I think its a good kit, I still would take my Gruppe M over a CT any day of the week, it "feels" stronger than any CT SC Ive had the chance to ride in, not to mention I love the beefy look of the Gruppe kit, not to mention it's advanced fuel management boxes that come with the kit.

This is just my opinion....

Originally posted by NA1 #2853:
I also would like any feedback about a supercharger installed on an automatic.

Comptech/BBSC/GrouppeM or anyother FI for an automatic.

Ray, for starters, the BBSC is not available for the automatic, because I won't make it because it won't last. The tranny, that is. I have rebuilt three NSX automatica and let me tell you, though they have several innovations not found in other trannies, not even other Honda trannies, it is NOT NOT NOT
up to the task of handling any more power than it already does. That's "NOT", btw.
That is why the auto engine is detuned from the manual counterpart.
I have had this discussion with the engineers at CT, and they disagree though not with any vigor. They do sell a kit for the auto shifter, but it only makes anout 65 hp. My opinion based on the overhauls, and other information and opinions that I have is, don't do it.
(and btw, the GM SC is far quicker than the CT SC. Your impressions are correct)

Mark Basch