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Fraud Alert:::::: FYI


15 July 2009
Guys I want to do a new color build for a buddy so I have been on the hunt for a great fixer-uper

found one on cars4sale.com for 19,200 not a bad price emailed the guy well I will let you read the replys

start at the bottom...

Is this a Joke?

----- Original Message -----
From: Shawn
Sent: 12/14/13 10:57 PM
To: Steve Bechtel
Subject: Re: Carsforsale.com Vehicle Lead
I am glad you work for the Army in the UK I also enjoy Special Forces Cereal,
anyway so this car is a 1991 Acura NSX with 40,000 miles and is in snap ring range, and each of the pistons compression is around or under 25 lbs is this correct then I am excited to
buy this car. I would like to tell you that I have never owned an NSX and it has always been my dream to own a car that is made 100% out of steel painted to look like aluminum.
this is awesome I will be in the USA in 3 days where should I land my X71 Stratojet I rented from LEGOLAND Florida, is there anyone I can call to help me understand how this transaction works? I have the money in my bank "A.Skywalker Bank " branch in the UK. please let me know

Shawn Girthy
On Sat, 12/14/13, Steve Bechtel <[email protected]< strong=""></[email protected]<>> wrote:

Subject: Re: Carsforsale.com Vehicle Lead
To: Shawn
Date: Saturday, December 14, 2013, 2:07 PM

Shawn,Thank you for
your reply. Before leaving I had prearranged shipping and
the payment with Amazon.com, Inc so my presence isn't
necessary (the car is at the shipping company sealed and
ready for delivery, in Seattle, Washington).The price
includes all the shipping costs and insurance, so you
won't have to pay any extra charges. Since I work with
the Army the delivery process is not an issue, I'll have
the car shipped at your home address in maximum 5
days.If you want to proceed, we must use Amazon
service: you'll make a deposit of 50% in an Amazon
managed trust fund In United Kingdom ( they hold the money
until you receive the car), I send it over( the car will be
delivered with the title, owner's manual, service
records, and of course the bill of sale authorized and
signed by me),I will offer a 5 day period from the day
you'll receive the car , you can inspect it, take it to
a mechanic to check it out, ride it and then if you decided
to keep it, you'll confirm to Amazon the sale. If by any
reason, you will not be satisfied with the car ( even though
I can assure you that it is exactly as described, in
excellent condition), you can return it at my expense for a
full refund of your money, no hidden or extra cost for
you.The deposit is refundable, and is just a
security measure, to make sure that you are serious, and
that I am not going to ship the car, and loose time and
money.Don't get me wrong, two weeks ago
i've lost $900 when i ship the car and the
"buyer" didn't show up at the address
provided.I want everything to go smooth so please
review:You understand and agree to deposit the
money in the Amazon trusted account.You have 5
days to inspect the car, after the 5 days inspection period
you will communicate to Amazon your inspection results, if
you will accept the car they will release the money to me,
if by any reason you will refuse the car you will have a
full refund of your money $6000.My obligations
are:- To sell the car to you for
$19.200.- To accept to ship the car back at my
own costs if you decline the transaction after the
inspection period.- To transfer the clear title
in your name with no liens on it (the title will be
notarized in your name).If you are interested to
go ahead with the deal, please reply with your full name and
shipping address so I can ask Amazon to open a case! After
that they will contact you explaining all the details
regarding the payment.So, this is not a
blind transaction, you can see it before committing to buy
and to eliminate any concerns you will have 5 days to
inspect it I think this is more than fair
for both of us.
I need to sell the cat no later than
the start of next week so i need your answer
soon.Thank you ----- Original Message
-----From: Shawn Sent: 12/14/13 08:34
PMTo: Steve
BechtelSubject: Re: Carsforsale.com Vehicle
Lead Steve,

small world what Regiment are you in? Im in the
509th stationed in Germany very cool. I am moving to the USA
next week and needed a car to drive. let me know where the
car is.
thanks for the reply.

talk soon

Col. Chuck Yeager

On Sat, 12/14/13, Steve Bechtel
<[email protected]> wrote:

Subject: Re: Carsforsale.com Vehicle Lead
To: shawn
Date: Saturday, December 14, 2013, 10:38 AM

apologize for the delay, I'm in the military and
that's why I couldn't reply in time. I would have
rather called you, but I don't have access to a phone
due to my current location, so we will communicate through
e-mails.Anyway, thank you for your interest in
buying the car, is in perfect condition, exactly as you see

in the pictures. No mechanical problems, no leaks, no rust,

everything is in very good order. Title is clean and clear,

no accidents.... I am deployed with my Regiment in United
and I think I'll stay here for a while. I need
cash urgent that's why I'm selling it so cheap
$19200Before leaving I had prearranged free
shipping trough DAS, the biggest shipping company in USA,
the car is at the shipping company ready for delivery. And
the payment process trough Amazon so my presence isn't
necessary.I will appreciate if you let me know
your decision as soon as possible so i can give you more
details on how we can make this deal.I can send
you more pictures and details if you are
interested.Please note that i need to sell the
car no later than next week.Thank
you ----- Original Message
[email protected]t: 12/14/13 04:45
[email protected]: Carsforsale.com
Lead Carsforsale.com
Vehicle Lead

1991 Acura
Vehicle Location /
Stock Number:



Comments: Call
me I own an NSX shop in tampa I need one for a client
Thank you for choosing
Carsforsale.com!</[email protected]>
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Everything about this says fraud.
"We can't meet because I'm out of the country"
"It's in a shipping create ready to ship"
"Just wire me your money to a secure account"
"Full refund if you you are not happy with it"
Lastly, brutal grammar.

This is such trash, I hate seeing these ads.
The sad thing about these is that a small fraction of innocent folks do fall for it. As a result, these scum get their money and make a living out of it!!

Thanks for posting!


I wonder when that Price of Nigeria is going to return my calls...
Pm me with details I will jump if its a good price. as long as it runs and is under 80K miles
came across the same asshole when inquiring on a 96 from cars.com in October. He gave me the same run around but said he was a pilot not living in the US anymore, getting divorced, yada yada yada.

Hello, thank you for the interest in my NSX. First of all the car in MINT condition!!! I am not in US anymore, i'm a pilot, and i am working for an airline company from EU. The shipping will be included in the price. I sealed the car in a container due the many problems with shipper handlers that i heard, i wanted the car to be received by it's new owner without any scratches. <o:p></o:p>
I am selling the car because i have family problems, i just divorced from my ex wife and have to split some things with her. I need to sell it asap, this way i will have no more contact with her. If you are interested i will give you more information. The shipping company has a department which acts like a 3rd party objective, this way we will be both protected. The car has only 45,043 miles, the title is already signed, no rust, no nothing! <o:p></o:p>
If you are interested let me know, if not i wish you'll find a good car, thank you, James.

I think I lost him when I said I love Special Forces Cereal LOL

I would like to piss in his special forces cereal. Told him i wanted info about the 3rd party warehouse so i can fly to Houston for a PPI and test drive. and i never got a response. a week later I had a buzz and decided to email him back. "I showed my wife the pictures of the car and she loves it. Happy wife=Happy life.... Where do i send the money?" He was quick to reply with.... "I will need a copy of your ID, address the car should ship to so I can generate an invoice. Once payment is received, the car will be shipped to you" I replied, "You really are an a$$hole" :cool: