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FREE: Best Motoring Intl. Vol4... the NSX one

22 September 2000
Dallas TX
Ok Guys, I still have 3 of these left over from when Best Motoring International started and Kenji and I were the first guys trying to sell them.

They're wasting away in my media room, and they need to go to the NSX lovers. These are all still factory sealed, and brand new/never been watched VHS tapes.


Program 1: 95 NSX GT1 Reviewed for First time
Program 2: New NSX Type-S Super Impression (this was when the 2002 facelift was new in Japan)
Program 3: Fastest JDM Tsukuba Batlle (NSX-S (2002), Old NSX S, Old NSX S-Zero, Old NSX-R, RX-7 type R, EVO VII GSR
Program 4: The Magic of VTEC Tuning
Program 5: The Battle at 10,000 RPM (includes Esprit NSX)

the catch: you send me a check, money order or paypal payment for shipping and handling ($5.00) and it's yours.

I only have three... so the first three people to PM me or email me at [email protected] get's em.
All spoken for as of now (this may change, but in order are Anytime and Fury, if anyone else backs out for some reason.)

Anytime, I think Gene beat you to the last one... but I will let you know if anyone changes their minds.

EVERYONE: just o be clear as it may have been glazed over in my original post, these are VHS TAPES (this was before BMI made DVDs much to Kenji and my pain), not DVDs.
For the rest of us, there are 100 copies in DVD format available on eBay for $18.95.

Or download it from emule or edonkey or same. These are file sharing programs.I only use emule myself.
Here isthe emule link.