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Fuel cut with about 1/3 tank of gas?

The OEM fuel tank is baffled from the factory and I have never had a fuel slosh issue on any of the three NSXs I have owned and tracked. Fuel filter is an easy and cheap thing to try, so might as well start there. There is also a prefilter or fuel sock in the tank at the fuel pump pickup, that can be full of debris and cause an issue but I would think it would show up much more often than on a single corner. If you do change the pump you will be changing the sock anyway so a new pump would resolve the sock possibility as well. We could add a fuel presure sender and log fuel pressure data to see if the cut is from a drop in pressure, it would have to be a very drastic drop in pressure to cause that sensation, even low fuel pressure would not cause a feeling like hitting the rev limiter. I wonder if you are spinning the inside tire due to a weak diff and that is causing you to hit the rev limiter without the sensation of speed or acceleration.

When it happens again I would try going throught he same corner in the next higher gear, with less torque you should not spin the inside tire and with lower revs you should be no where near the limiter, but if it is a fuel slosh issue it should still show up.

If it is not a fuel delivery issue the ECU could be causing the fuel/ignition cut but I am not sure what it would be seeing at that particular time that would make it do that, and in SlipAngle79's case he does not get a CEL.

Just thinking out loud.

Oh yes, that definitely seems to be the same thing happening to me, however, as I stated my issue was only happening after a tight double right and accelerating into a left...I'll have to look at the way the fuel filter works in the manual because I just don't understand how it would be consistent with a relatively high G transition? Does it accumulate a blockage that doesn't effect anything until a high "lean" angle is introduced, causing the fuel level inside the filter to slosh one way, then it can't catch up to slosh the other way due to the blockage? I will order the filter now and replace. I can see how it would be mui dirty after years off pee pee water from various gas stations around the country. Fortunately my car came with a big folder of maintenance records so I will rifle through that to get an idea IF and when its ever been changed.

BTW- I enjoy your vids, illwillem, Willow springs is on GT6-both the streets and big Willow and its fun to play on my wheel and seat setup in the basement....can only imagine how much fun it is to ring an NSX out around there for you! ...always envious of you west coast guys! I've got a GoPro but never end up taking the time to set it up and mount it for events - too busy messing with other crap but next time I will get some video up...maybe from Gingerman in MI. at the end of this month.

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Right Dave, in regards to the diff letting go however, wouldn't the tach swing up to the rev limiter immediately (like flooring it through a puddle)? I did have the where with all to glance at the tach while it was happening (because it was happening every time in T3) and it was not doing that. Also, I did try a short shift to 3rd but I was having to execute the shift at a difficult time to catch it before it started happening-clutching in as I turn in for T3 and it was not ergonomically friendly to me....plus the down right LAZY gear ratios in the US NA1 5spd took me out of the VTEC party for a good second or two. I reluctantly tried just taking the whole complex - T1/T2 into T3 - in 3rd but I was waaaaaay out of the power band by the time I arrived at T3, and the decrease in engine power to the rear wheels at such low RPM's made the cars attitude feel significantly less crisp through T1/T2.

We CAN rule out low oil pressure as the engine would be gone by now after that many occurrences, yes? I had PCV issues with my AP1 S2000 due to the oil moving around up in the cam cover but that would result in big power loss for a second, no limiter cut, and a huge cloud of oil smoke....then accelerate normaly again out of the corner....only happening setting up for T6 at Gateway, your favorite track.

Thanks for the advice, as always, and I will do the cheapest thing first.