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Fuel hiccup? NEED HELP

2 September 2009
Portland, OR
When cold (and to a lesser degree when warm) my 1991 Acura NSX lurches and sputters and often can't make it past 4000 RPM even when the gas is buried to the floor. Again, when the car warms, the issue seems to somewhat subside (acceleration smooths somewhat) but by no means goes away.

O2 sensors have been replaced, clutch has been ruled out, injectors have been tested, fuel regulator has been checked, ECU seems to be OK...

I do have a fairly new Comptech Supercharger but I am almost 100% sure this is also not a factor here.

A master NSX technician has not been able to crack this nut after 30 days and I am not sure what to do.

Any ideas?

Have you upgraded the fuel supply system other than injectors for the supercharger?

An aftermarket fuel pump with a higher flow capacity is a prerequisite. Also check the fuel pump resistor (bypass and test drive car) Check the O2-sensors again (disconnect them and test drive car).

Good luck!