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Funny at WORK stories...

12 April 2005
Ventura - LA County
Today was the FIRST day that I took my car to work. Since I work in the base, I needed to get stickers to get inside the compound.

I get to the security gate and this lovely security lady helps me fill out the form and then she went to my car to place the stickers.

After she installed the window decals, she says to me.."You wanna go for a big cup of coffee??"..I was like, I'm running late as it is so I'll have to take a raincheck on that one..Then she asks me what time I was off of work and I said, 6PM, she then said, "Oh thats tooo late, my boyfriend will be here by then :eek: "... WTH???

So I get in to the office parking lot and some co-workers are already taking their morning break and they gather around the car with the usual..ooohhss and ahhhhs..

My BOSS comes to my desk requesting to look at the car and being the NICE GUY that I am, I gave him the keys so he can take it out for a spin. As he was pulling out of the parking spot, a guy walks by and stares at the car and tells me..."NOW there's a guy that makes TOOO MUCH MONEY!"...I just smiled and walked back in the building...