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FYI for those wanting new rims .

That's my kinda wheel. Has anyone ever seen these on an NSX? Will they fit my 2000? Anyone know about "Action Tire"? Ever done business with them?


'00 Candy Apple Blue / Black
Phuong, who is my neighbor three houses down, owns a red NSX with those exact wheels. It really makes the car. It is beautiful, and he hasn't had any problems with rubbing. If you want to contact him, please provide your email address, and I will give it to him.
I've had these before. They are very nice, however, they are very heavy, and require spacers to clear the stock calipers.

-- Chris


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What I would like to know is where are the lug nuts... it doesn't seem that they would fit under the center hub... or do they.

They look nice.

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