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Gecko's caged for a while!

3 June 2007
Ha.............Guess the Gecko does not always land right side up.

Just a little miss-hap last Sunday while ATV'g. This jump got in my way and the ATV didn't want to go over, so once we approached the ATV changed it's mind and thought it was like a horse and stopped and flew me off into the air just to show who's boss.

The ATV was fine, and I was able to ride out. I knew I blew out my right knee again and probably tore ligaments I didn't know I had, not to mention the cracking sound I heard as I landed. Hmmmmmmm, Doctor Aron was much better at diagnosing the problem then the guys in the hospital with the big degree wearing the green uniform.

I guess since I wasn't withering in pain they felt my leg was okay other then some damaged ligaments which couldn't be assessed due to the swelling. X-rays were done but they said there was nothing that showed up and I was told to take Advil and see my doctor within the week. Okay - give me the x-rays and I'll take them to my surgeon who will need them - so as I waited I was called back in and told that I was right, I have a small 2" crack in the big leg bone just below where it connects to the knee. Can't put any weight on it so the juvenile doctor who couldn't make a diagnosis decides to cast me toes to hip until my Thursday appoiintment with the orthopedic surgeon.

Good thing I waited for the CD of the X-rays or I'd be home sitting in my hot tub. Oh, and yes the ligaments are screwed which is worse then a break as that needs physio for a while. Guess I save money on gas and insurance as all my toys sit idle parked up on jack stands.

Not to worry - the only pain is in my ass as I haul around the cast and unable to drive. Should have been the left leg - then I would be out running around - but I am getting exercise going up and down my stairs. All is fine, not a problem and will be back in no time driving the NSX, riding, racing, playing, and yes - atv jumping and all.

Looks and sounds worse then it is and I guess having lots of experience tearing up my knees keeps me positive for a successful recovery. At least I don't have to worry about shoveling snow, and if since I won't be able to race at Calbogie, and assuming I can drive - I could make a showing at Est Fest. Guess it all hinges on whether I'll be having reconstructive surgery, full knee replacement (since it was already screwed up big time) or hopefully just some intense physio like I've had over the last 30 years of injuries.

Talk soon, enjoy the nice weather.

Oh my god Shawna, I thought something really bad happened like you damaged your NSX! :)

Just kidding - I hope you have a speedy and complete recovery! Take care,

Wow that's rough, that's why I sit all day in my padded room playing on the computer. Maybe the physio chick will be hot.
Sorry to hear about your injuries, I'm glad you are OK and are able to joke about it.

Get well soon and get into your NSX!! :)
Sorry to hear - feel better and heal fast!
Holy crap! We just talked about accidents the other day! All the best to a speedy recovery, get better soon! :smile:

Btw I didn't find any deals at the bike show this past week-end, oh well the show pretty much sucked for sport bikes was more suited to the cruisers. :rolleyes:
Wow......see the surgeon this morning and hopefully she's a HOT CHICK too! I was sort of looking forward to the "huge Laurie" type or myabe the guy on ER, what's his name - oh yeah - George Clooney. But hey, can't all have it our way - so I guess a Hot Physio Chick is better then not having any physio! Fortunately I've been thru this 6 times already so the only Physio Guys around are going to be Harley & Davidson as I recoup at home :>).

Update you on the severity of the injury later on..........got everything crossed that it's only a few tears and doesn't need surgery. I feel GREAT, no pain or any discomfort, saving $$ on the drugs - don't need them, have my mind and we all know how that is.

Guess my car is appreciating in value as it sits idle and not accumulate miles. Now just have to get ride of the scratches, dings, and anything else. Ahhh, but it is a one of a kind and just a car!
GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! No surgery, no cast.......crack in the tibia around the knee so no weight bearing on my leg for 8 weeks, so still on the crutches. Grade 2 tear in the medial (inside) ligament and stretch or tear in the colateral one - not bad and common when you blow out your knee. Have a hinged brace so I can move my knee and therefore can get into my truck and at least drive if I have too with my left foot. 8 weeks until I can walk on it, and 12 until the bone is fully healed which is just in time to race Mosport!!

Gotta do physio once the swelling is down and in spite of thinking I would have a bit of pain once the cast came off - Nope, none at all.

Most likely Calabogie is out due to having the strength to use my foot and highly unlikely I can get in and out with my brace on which cannot come off for 8 weeks. Oh well, wasn't planning on going so not a big concern.

I will be on two feet soon enough and back jumping and riding again.

Thanks for your nice thoughts!