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glad to be the 1000th member!!

24 August 2001
Downtown Orlando
Just sold my 97 Boxster. Now I'm in the market for a 91-92 NSX 5spd. I hated leaving Porsche Petes board but I don't have any need to be there anymore! I hope this board is just as good. I trust it is. I hope to be a fellow NSXer w/in the month.
thanks for the info. Hey, any other former boxster owners on this board? How's it compare (I know - apples and oranges, right. but , on a "like-factor" which one do you like as an everyday car better? I'm just wondering if the NSX is as good of a daily driver as the Boxster was.
I am on PPBB as EDR. I also frequent CFG's boards, as I own a 996 Cabriolet.

I prefer my 91 NSX in most cases, but they are two totally different cars. Both of my cars are daily drivers for my wife and I, and they both handle this duty just fine. The NSX is a little harder to get in and out of and doesn't have much trunk space, but you'll be happy with one.

In fact, you'll probably be more happy with it than a base Boxster.