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glue for upholstry

24 August 2007
Anyone know what kind of glue I should use to re-cover leather interior? I read up and spray adhesive is not recommended and that I should use contact cement. Do you guys know where I can buy this contact cement?

I have done scores of interiors.
On what part of the interior with what materials were you planning to use the adhesive?
Thanks for the info I am trying to do the doors, glove box and piece in the firewall. I will be using both Suede and leather. is the 3m ok?
Re: glue for upholstery

Osiris_x11 is right about 3M products for this type of work. I use this for the type of stuff you're doing. It has a nice lace type
spray pattern. They have others that are not so quick so you can position the material better. Your local auto body supply store can help you with job specific materials.