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Go learn another language - memrise.com

31 July 2001
Boston, MA
My friend turned me on to this. I've always wanted to learn Chinese but have been terrible at languages. Took Spanish for 3 years in high school.... and was a solid D student. I've been working on mandarin for about 3 days now and feel like I'm making some pretty decent progress, even better, my kids are REALLY interested in what I'm doing and have learned a few words as well and my son is writing little nonsense messages and giving them to my wife who is just like 'huh???' (messages like man-glass jar-glass jar-glass jar-sun).

I'm struggling a bit with the pinyin part of the exercises, I find it much easier to memorize the symbols and english translations, and I sometimes find it hard to tell the difference between a '2' and a '3' sound of pinyin.

But for a guy who has always failed at learning another language, I'm feeling just a little bit proud, all thanks to this website. They have many other languages as well BTW.
Thanks for sharing robr!
I just tried it out, and think it can be very valuable for our family. I would like my daughter (and son when he's born) to be tri-lingual, so this is a great way for her to learn.
thx for this, rob, i've been rinsing through options for learning french and will give memrise a try.