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Going to move to IL, should I wait or can move now?

6 January 2021
Going to Illinois, as get new job their in architecture design studio and want to move their, planing to do it during this month, but not sure should I start right now or wait for a 1-2 weeks, cos I think some transport companies can be on holidays and because of it price can be higher than usual, I dont want to overpay that's why prefere to ask here.
Other important thing I want to ask you to recommend me some good guys to move my home things, and to move my nsx (to ship car wanna find really trustfull guys)
My friend recomended me these guys and they are cool for shipping cars in general, though there can be some specialised on shipping sportcars.
Thx for all your advice

P.S. I posted this thread yesterday, but I cannot find it, searched it throght the whole forum but no result, so if you gave me an answer earlier plz text it again
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So I searched throught the forum, and found here some companies to move both all things from my home and my car, but no info about my previous question, so maybe will get quotes tomorrow to compare the prices.
Though in any case would be happy if somebody can say me for sure should I do it now or not, since threads I've read was rather old a lot can changed seriously and as I know a lot of companies closed because of covid, so want to believe the companies I found stil working. So text me your oppinion
I posted on the earlier thread. I’ve used the broker from Gold Coast Lamborghini 4 times in 2020 and very reliable/professional.

Tell him the NY’er with the NSX/GTR referred you.

+1 (872) 772-9918

Not sure the last time you shipped a car but Covid wiped out half the shipping companies and prices are through the roof.

Good luck in Chicago - great city - pre-covid I was there every couple weeks as my son is at UChicago.