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Greetings from LeMans, France

28 March 2002
A few of us decided to escape the stresses of work to take a long weekend in France for some track time. We will be on the Bugatti Circuit the next two days and will then head up for some sightseeing in Paris. Will post photos from the track when I beg for enough loose change to pay the ridiculously high prices for internet access.

We have the Presidents of the NSXCA, NSX Club of Switzerland, NSX Club of Japan as well as Shigeru Uehara along with his Honda entourage. At $11 per gallon for gas together with $27 tolls, the $445 IN TAX CHARGES on our airfare is beginning to seem reasonable.......





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Your photos brought back good memories. The prices don't.

Enjoy your time.
Bong juice mi amigo!:tongue: Travel safely and give our regards to Uehara.You should have him sign your crepe:biggrin:
Glad that you all made it safely, I thought that as long as you talk shop for 5 seconds, your gas is paid for!!! Have a great time, looking forward to more pictures. Make sure that you have Larry stand on a chair so we can see him!!!
I'm guessing this will be a feature in the next issue of NSX Driver. I'm guessing there will be many more awesome pics. Thanks in advance!
So you did pick up a patrone highcroft shirt:wink:please tell us about some of those fancy track cars toodling around.
Wow. Awaiting more details and pics. What are you guys driving around the track (or did I misunderstand something)?
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We had an incredible dinner last night, courtesy of Honda of Europe, at Le Restaurant des Hunaudieres which is situated on the Mulsanne Straight on the 24 Circuit. This is where the cars pass by at 230 mph.







Thaks a lot for the wonderfull week end that give me the possibility to know the American people

Larry , joe , lud , wei , peter and rob

I realy had such good time to talk with all of you

i Hope that you liked also the bugatti tours in my NSX

Thanks a lot
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Re: Greetings from Le beMans, France

i Hope that you liked also the bugatti tours in my NSX

Thanks a lot

Thank YOU Andrea, together with all of our European NSX family, for making us feel most welcome with your group. Your Bugatti tour was most thrilling and I thank you for taking me first before your lost your brakes and then invited Joe. We hope you, and all of your members, have the opportunity to visit us in America some day.

Phew.....back home....

Luckily Paris wasn't to bad with traffic today, which made it a pleasant trip home.

I absolutely had a blast. Had a wonderfull time with the american guys and finally meet Larry, though he was hard to find.......:tongue:
Also long time no see peeps, Andrea, Hirofumi, Thomas and also MvM was present.

What a wonderfull crowd. Felt it a privilege to have dinner with Uhera, the japanese and the guys from the US.

Thankx to Larry, Bob, Wei, Peter, joe and offcourse Lud for being a terrific crowd!
Ok, here is me again, reporting back from Home Base :smile:
Just arrived fifteen minutes ago, had a perfect trip back home with some nice driving.

First of all, it was both amazing and a real honour to meet mr. Uehara in person.
When I asked him what he would change if he had to redesign the NSX right now, the only thing he would say was: LESS WEIGHT !!!

Thomas, it was great fun to finally meet you in person. Had a great time with you, your car looks great and I love your new ABS !!
Andrea, it was nice to see you again and I am happy you brought Tomaso along. So now he knows he is not alone in Italy with a NSX. So, next time, bring it along :smile:

The diner on Friday was wonderful, the time at the track and the museum was great, but the best part was BY FAR all these NSX enthousiasts, talking NSX all the time, exchanging experiences, comparing cars and products.

And REALLY !! All of you US guys (and gals of course :biggrin:) are amazing. And yes, Mark from the UK, you also of course.
Had an absolutely terrific time, both yesterday evening as well as today on the trip to Chartres and Paris. Hope you all have fun there and hope to see you soon again.
Thanks to Maarten (MVM) we had a great country drive to Chartres and then he led us all the way to our hotel in Paris.

Here are a few shots taken at midnight tonight.....






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Those last shots are spectacular Bob, safe travels home to all of you
Phew...after a 850 km/9 hours drive I went to bed for the next 12 hours. Sorry for my late reply.

I absolutely enjoyed the meeting with the Japanese delegation, especially Mr. Uehara which was really a great honor to have him with us and with all the people I only knew their avatar and their tremendous and fascinating NSX knowledge written on prime before. For me these people represent the true NSX enthusiasm! I wished I could have convinced more people to join this event.
Thanks go to Hirofumi, president of the NSX club of Japan to invite us to the 20th birthday event in 2010.

This was one of those events which are burned deeply into my heart. :) Thanks again to all for making this possible! (Some pics will follow...)
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Hi Bob,

Actually, it's Maarten, not Martin. And looking at those pictures you took, perhaps I should have stayed a little longer :smile: Absolutely amazing!!
Took a quick drive around Paris when I left you guys, but this is even more amazing.