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ground control suspension...

27 November 2000
albany, ny
i have a '97 nsx-t and i've been on the fence about lowering it forever. i really want the ride height adjustability of coilovers but don't want to spend $1200+ to get it.

1) the ground control kit is around $500 but do i need to get aftermarket shocks or can i keep the oem shocks?

2) does anything major need to be altered to instal them or is it a simple modification?

3) any feedback from those of you who have them?

thanks in advance for your advice!!!
For that price they must just be springs and threaded collars to fit over normal shocks. That arrangement can be made to work, but it's not exactly optimal. As for the OEM shocks, you would want to get spring rates similar to stock. They probably ship stiffer ones assuming your shocks will be stiffer as well, and balance between compression and rebound is very important.

However, if you lower the car significantly with stock valving and spring rates you then risk bottoming the shock, which is very bad. So, if you want to lower the car significantly then you should probably change shocks as well. The Eibachs work OK with OEM shocks because they are progressive rate. They start soft (avoiding the over-sprung pogo effect), but then stiffen up as they compress which among other things reduces the risk of bottoming.

Actually, I have no idea at what point the stock shocks will bottom, and depending on the spring design they may bottom first (also bad), but my comments above are general factors to consider whenever lowering a car. In other words, be very careful about you selection of spring and shock because it is extremely easy to do more harm than good.