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Gruppe M intake/V2 exhaust for sale!

4 January 2011
Gruppe M V2 exhaust for sale! (Price Adjustment)

Gruppe M V2 Exhaust - I bought this exhaust used about 1 year ago, the miles are unknown but I have put about 2000 miles on it, it is in great working condition. I am selling this exhaust because I'm selling my NSX soon or else this would be THE exhaust to keep!....

It has quad tips, the mufflers are still tightly intact, and it sounds AMAZING. It has a throaty/tight/agressive sound at lower RPM's and a nice/smooth high pitch note beyond 4000 RPM's. In my opinon it is the best exhaust for the NSX, it is discontinued and pretty rare. The V2 system must have your cats removed to be installed. The exhaust has minor scatches and could use polishing if you wanted it looking super clean. Included are a couple of videos (3 of the 4 videos are my NSX with the V2 installed). $1600 shipped OBO

Picture 269.jpg
Picture 268.jpg
Picture 267.jpg

Happy Holidays! :biggrin:
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