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H-1B transfer question

31 July 2001
Boston, MA
I've never had to work with H-1B employees before. I have someone applying for a job who currently holds an H-1B. I'm just wondering how realistic his claim is that a transfer is simple. How much paperwork is involved? Can a layman do it or would I need to have some sort of professional involved? Are there costs associated with it?

He says:

"H1 B transfer is pretty simple i need to submit my H1B papers, my previous stubs to you , you just need to file for a H1 transfer and the transfer process is pretty fast as i am already having h1B Visa it is just a transfer from my company to your company."
Immigration issues and compliance for that matter can be very complex so I would absolutley get an attorney involved to protect all those involved...and yes there will be costs associated with it as well. :)