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H&R or Eibach Springs?

16 January 2001
Miami, FL. US
Okay guys, I purchased the H&R springs because I was told it would be a better buy than the Eibachs. However, I do not like the way the front of my car appears higher than the rear. I have heard nothing but good comments about the Eibach's. My NSX idols Scott and Neslon sport the Eibach and H&R respectively. They both love their springs and have no regrets. However I believe I read somewhere that Neslon is switching to Eibachs now. What about you guys out there? What springs do you guys have? What can you say about the improvements in handling, feel, performance, and overall ride quality? I am still intent on getting the Dali sway bars (whenever finances allow it
) but would consider switching springs per your suggestions. Thanks for your help.