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Happy Birthday Clem!!!

15 January 2003
Rye Brook, NY, USA
Healthy and Happy to you..................am I on time?:wink:
Happy Birthday Clem....get Clem a Dancing Spidy!:biggrin:

Happy Belated Birthday Clem. We hope it was a fantastic day!
I know how you like to be "fashionably late" , so I waited a couple of days.

Happy Birthday Clem
Thankyou all for my best wishes; was great day with a nice diner out at a
nice italian rest. Spent the day starting the Red Racers engine teardown for it's new timing belt,water pump, and cam seals dur to both front bank cams were leaking and oil running down the inner cover plate; Will also be doing a pan gasket and spool gaskets, as Im sure the are all harder than criptonite, imagine all that need at 201,000 miles.. I sent my balance pully to a rebuildr in Salem,OR.. will keep posted on that. Ckeck it out Dale mfg.com

See you all soon as she's out of the recovery area in a couple of weeks :smile:
Happy Birthday Clem,

Sorry for the late reply I was just being "Clem":D:D:D