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Hat tip to DODGE!

That is AWESOME. What a great move on their part. Where ya at, Honda? Similar population who does modding...seems a great opportunity.
Honda tried this with the Sports Modulo program in Japan. Factory-backed performance parts with warranty. It seems it couldn't compete with the aftermarket, as the costs were higher for the Modulo parts versus established aftermarket like HKS, Greddy, etc. To me, the answer may be to integrate those large aftermarket makers into part subcontractors for Honda. So, you're getting a HKS turbo system that has been developed by HKS and then tested and certified by Honda and sold as a Honda Modulo part.
This is very attractive for the HC faithful....its what really floated comptech's boat back in the day...of course with the impending demise of the ice it is also a bonus door prize for those dealers that qualify..ie power brokers....keep those techs teching....