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Hawaii bbsc/wetkit/oil cooler/catch can 4sal

20 February 2008
I love my NSX but have decided that a change is in order..After several years of hearing my wife complain about the vette/viper and now NSX.. ( she cant drive a stick)..

Ive decided to buy an E55AMG so I can have a boring looking car that has a lil power and my wife can drive it....

What Im looking to do is just trade the NSX in for the AMG..But the stealership aint gonna give me hardly anything for all my modifications..So Im trying to make some quick cash before hand..

For $4,500 I am willing to let you take my 6 psi BBSC with the verson 2 SS box that is already tuned and running well for 15K miles..My 85 wet shot kit ( untuned) my catch oil pan ( chrome)and my oil kooler (chrome)...

$4,500 is normally the price of just the BBSC...

But theyre is a slight catch..Ill need your 91-96 belt/pulley as I only have the BBSC belt/pulley...

If your interested let me know fast as another part of me just dosent want to give up the nsx for the ho humm looking E55AMG

La-ron 277-7452