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Header bolt broken?

11 June 2008
Windsor, ON
upon inspecting the rear bank of headers (aftermarket), I have noticed that the passenger most one is broken off.. and so that piece of the header has not been secured to the block. Is there a way to obtain this bolt? or is it part of the block!! uhoh!
I have no exhaust leak that I could detect though..
any thoughts.
Is it leaking and can you get it out?
It's a threaded stud, part # 90020-PH1-000. Most likely broken during the installation. You almost certainly would have to take the header off to remove it. Not sure if you need to replace it.
It is broken half-way, so I think it can be taken out (somehow). Great news that it is a threated bolt!, which means the block is still okay as long as I can take this damn thing out and replace it.

Again, there is no exhaust leak, but still, I want it to be perfect.