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14 February 2000
Eugene, OR., USA
I am going to replace my Comptech ceramic coated headers currently on my '91 NSX with some stainless steel ones from either Comptech or RM Racing. Any feed back on these headers?


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I recently installed the RM Headers and the RM DTM Exhaust. I am very pleased with it. Looks great, sounds great, and give a nice kick in the pants! I noticed on another post you have the Dali chip. My understanding is that this is a great chip, and with the headers and exhaust it is a great combo. My friend Miled Salheb has the Comptech headers and RM DTM Exhaust on his 1991 and the two systems, RM or Comptech, seem to have similar performance. Mine is also a 1991 and we have driven each others cars. I think the CompTech has a slight advantage as far as build quality goes, but I understand that the RM has never had any reported failures such as cracking, etc. I think they both are very good. The RM is about $300 cheaper, so this becomes a matter of taste and ecomonics! There are some good writups on the FAQ about installing these systems. They are worth checking out, really helped me out with the install, recently I also posted a detailed writeup on the FAQ of my experience installing the RM stuff on my 1991.