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Hello and some first impressions

7 November 2018
I'm a life long auto enthusiast and only in the last 7 years or so have been able to enjoy my dream cars. I tend to try something new every year or so, often with some overlap (more than one at once). Ownership and experience ranges from cheaper SVT products (which are excellent) to convertible McLarens and nearly everything in between. I became intrigued by the new NSX. It really did take a long time to get to market, the the result looked nice and the tech was unique. I lurked here for a while and watched reviews online. You could tell who was giving it an honest review and who was just repeating what others complained about. Most of i the flack seemed unfair, so I took a chance and tried one. I live in West Texas and had never even seen a new NSX in person until last night LOL (that's how I do cars sometimes!)

Well, mine arrived to my little West Texas town on an enclose trailer last night just after dark. First impressions: the pearl white is spectacular, it looks lower and wider than expected (very exotic and more so from the rear than my 650s or 911 turbo), build quality appears to be good for the segment. Interior, while not perfect, is better than my 650s, but not as good as my brothers R8. My wife thought the interior was fantastic (her favorite so far). Infotainment is better than some in segment, worse than others and not a good as ford or chysler (or BMW or many others). I still give it a pass because I've experienced worse in more expensive cars. My raptor has adaptive headlights, adaptive cruise, air conditioned seats and many other things this car does not have, but again, in this segment these things are not always present. The electric only mode is really cool but could have been made more useful. Interior is very comfortable and i'm 6'6", 220#. I had never even seen a new NSX in person when I bought this car and had to go on my brother's recommendation that I would fit. He drove the car a year ago on a track and loved it (he currently has 2 McLarens and has had lambo and R8). My bother was very impressed with the style, comfort and handling. To 100, he thought it was fast, then after 100 a McLaren would torch it (I agree).

My 'new to me' car is a 17 with 5k miles. It came with a set of $12k HRE 101s (20 front, 21 rear) with P-zeros (325 on the rear), so I cannot speak to the appearance or handling of the stock configuration. I can say this setup is unbelievably attractive and I am glad someone else spent that money. I also cannot speak to the exhaust note as this car came equipped with full science of speed DP and valve delete exhaust... and thank goodness it did because it's still not that loud. It's about where I want it though. The car sounds good. No like a lambo V12, but very acceptable with good tone (not sure what it quite sounds like) and intoxicating intake/turbo/blowoff sounds. Handling is top notch... you don't feel the weight at all. Road noise is good for segment (imagine better with conti's and smaller wheels). Off the line acceleration is up there with everything (991.2tt might be a little faster, but who can tell at sub 3 sec). I did not go much over 100, but feels about like an R8 or AMG GTS up there.

Things I'll have to fix? Not much. The chrome smile will be blacked out ASAP. My younger friend who saw it last night thinks the door handles should be blacked as well. IDK... they don't bother me. He still likes the Nissan GTR better, but agrees this is much more exotic and luxurious. I would love to tune it for 60 or 70 more hp, but not willing to give up warranty for that and it is fast already.

What I think Honda got right: styling, interior, taking a chance on hybrid tech

What I think Honda got wrong: I'm guessing sound as the aftermarket system is barely good enough, I'm guessing those shitty conti's it came with, low tech and cumbersome infotainment (sound is OK though and difficult to do in these cars). Took to long to market...killed the enthusiasm. Too heavy. Pricing! I'll give an opinion on pricing. My car had original sticker near 180K and now has 20k worth of wheels/tires/exhaust. On a looks only level, it competes at 200k IMO. Overall, I feel it competes somewhere between then AMG GTS and the Audi R8 and had it been priced there, the reviews/comments/opinions would have been completely different. When you price it with something like low end huricans and the 570gt, the reviewers will slaughter this car and they did.

In hindsight, this should have been a 580hp, engine only, RWD car that weighs 3300# or less with a front trunk and better interior tech/electronics priced around 130k, then topping 160s fully loaded. On the other hand, most of the beef this car has taken in the hands of online reviewers seems to be bullshit. The car is excellent and considering most people got their 17s and 18s 30-40k off puts it right where it should be. I thinks it's an excellent everyday supercar.

Will post pics later and sure to have more opinions as experience grows.