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Help! Clanking sound from clutch...

21 September 2000
Bellevue, WA, USA
I have a '96 NSX-T with about 31k on it. My brother BORROWED the car for two weeks in southern California and he loved it. When I went to pick up the car this weekend (yes, I missed my baby even my GF is giving me crap) I hear this constant loud clunk sound behind me whenever I disengage the clutch at first and second gear. My assumptions are:

* The clutch is slowly going out, but it still feels the same as before.

* I live in Washington State where there’s alot of moisture while southern Cali is hot and dry and something might have dried up.

* I installed the Comptech sport adjustable suspension kit a few days before I delivered the car and the road condition down there might of loosen/damage something.

The car is now back in Washington (and it’s raining) and the noise has died down but yet still noticeable. Now whenever the rear tires hit any road reflectors at moderate speed, I hear the same clunk sound as with the clutch. Is the new suspension causing the problem? I like to get your opinions before I take the car in. Thanks.