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Help i'm 20 and Going to get a CAr

1 December 2001
HEy guys .. I just have a few questions.. First of all i'm looking either into getting a used 91 nsx.. whats a good price for it.. my other choice would be a new 325ci.. but then its kinda hard to convince my dad to get me a 91 car .. the same price as a new car... So whats a good price for a 91 nsx.. and how much wouild insurance run for thanks a lot.. and i would be happy if any can give me any leads into an nsx .. thanks a grip
I think you should take a look at the classifieds section of this website. The listings may give you a good idea as to the relation of price to miles to mods to...etc.

Look in FAQ's under Insurance (may have to do a search).

What does it mean to thank a grip?

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Grip pretty much means "a lot", at least in my 'hood.
Another expression for use would be like this: "Tower Records had CDs on sale, so I bought a grip load of tunes."

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how much wouild insurance run

Instead of guessing based on someone else's circumstances, call your insurance company. Tell them you're thinking of buying a '91 NSX for $XX,000 and ask them how much they would charge for insurance. Do the same for the BMW and any other car you're considering. They can give you a much more accurate estimate than any of us can.
25k-30k would be good low price. Damn, I wish I had a rich daddy like u!
just kiddin' I'm just bitter like that. Insurance would probably be around 2-3k per year.
I'm 22 and just bought a 93 for 26k. With my house discount Farmers wanted 1,000 dollars........a month!!! Don't worry about getting a good deal on the car. Worry about getting a good deal on your insurance.
My particular State Farm agent has great deals for the NSX here in Los Angeles if you have a clean record.
I'm 24 and paying $130/month (approx $1500 year) for full coverage 100/300, the whole deal.

If you are 20, then you have already been driving for more than three years. As long as you have 'good driver' you can get a fair price.

However, if you are younger and must drive a sports car like the NSX, your only choice is what I did. I was insuring a corvette at 19.
Basically, you have to settle for el-cheapo insurance (Survival in my case) with poor service. Esurance (if available in your state) is as cheap as I have found. Just don't expect any customer service. I paid $400/month until I had 3 years for good driver. Then you can switch to a better company and pay closer to $200/month for full coverage. Good driver can get you a 40% discount here in CA. Add another 25% (from Geico) for being part of an organization (NMFA- $15/year-anyone can join), and you are paying under $200/month at 20/21. That's what I did and LA has extremely expesnive rates.

If I can do that in LA, someone in BFE should be able to get closer to $150 or even $100. The key is a clean record.

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Originally posted by FuryNSX:
Grip pretty much means "a lot", at least in my 'hood.
Another expression for use would be like this: "Tower Records had CDs on sale, so I bought a grip load of tunes."

Thanks FuryNSX. I'm hitting my 30th bday in two months, and now I really feel that I'm no longer in my youth when I hear new slang.
Yeah, insurance is usually the big killer in buying cars of this caliber.

I've got a 1991 Black NSX on hold for a month or so till I get some final items straightened out, but before you get any car, gotta do some research on not only insurance, but also probably cost of maintanence,repairs, and ownership. If you can afford the car payments and the insurance and stuff thats cool, but if wind up not having enough for cost of ownership and maintanence, then make sure you got all that as well.

I agree, State Farm has very good deals on insurance. Im currently with State Farm (AAA finally go bye bye) And insurance on my NSX, with the insurance on my current (going-to-be beater) car, it will only cost me $84 a month. Im 25 1/2 years old, with multiple car discounts, seat belt discount, 50/100 liability, full coverage, blah blah, pleasure driving on my NSX (Living in Michigan you can only drive it 6-8 months of the year), and most importantly, no driving infractions at all since I started driving.

How'ya been??? Yeah I really didn't like the Supra as much as I thought i would...you still have you Silver one? So.....any deals on a Tein Suspension you can set me up with???

ilya: If you could send me an email with your agents name...I'm with Travlers and would prefer a "name-brand" company.

Originally posted by Huy:
Brian, congrats on the purchase of the new NSX! I remember you were thinking of a Supra a year of so ago...