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Help me determine which Downforce Sports Diffuser I have...

6 November 2006
Austin, TX
I purchased a Downforce Sports diffuser (the one that covers the exhaust and retails for $900+)from another Prime Member and later noticed a thread that said there is a "version 2.0"

Bummer. :redface:. I asked the seller and he didn't know which one he sold me. He said it's about 7 -8 months old. I called and mailed DF last week, but no response.... (I guess too busy courting Ferrari and Porsche business, that's cool, that's cool..)

The thread said the new one is 5.5 lbs. Mine is ~10 lbs (weighed it)
Is this a good way to tell? Could the 5.5 lbs estimate just be an understatement.

Any functional differences?

Thanks guys!