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Hesitation Mystery continues...replaced many parts

Race gas? Geez indeed! I would do some hard VTEC running to really clear everything out. Hope that fixes it!
ok problem is fixed........ after running it for a few days on 100 octane gas and all the old gas in the lines are gone I feel a big difference in power LOL plus its cold and that may be helping out with the power

but something I did notice is that after 2 days of hard vtec driving I have been using less gas???? I mean my MPG is def more than normal, do you think better gas meaning gas with out that 10% crap ethenol would give me that much of an increase in MPG. I can see the power/miles/throttle responce increase across the board.

anyway thanks for the help guys if this happens to you and swapping out 300 parts, and cleaning throttlebody, cleaning vacuum hoses etc. just put some racing fuel in it for a few days and problem fixed.

then on the way to the shop this morning my radiator cracked LOL, lucky for me I didnt sell my spare to member ANGUS LOL

peace out hommies :smile:
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10% gasohol has slightly less energy content than pure gasoline. As such, you may get a small improvement in fuel consumption associated with the switch from gasohol to pure gasoline. There are a bunch of websites that provide estimates of the difference. Normally, it is not a huge difference.

If you have a significantly modified engine and were previously running a 92-93 octane fuel, it is possible that the engine management system may have been retarding the spark to avoid detonation. Switching to 100 octane fuel may have eliminated the need to retard the spark resulting in a performance improvement. However, that is pure speculation!