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HID - look bulbs

Originally posted by Mythos:
Has anyone tried these HID look bulbs, the wattages say 55W=80W, but will they melt your wiring?


If they draw 55W then they draw 55W. That's the only measurement you need to worry about regarding wiring, fuses, alternator, etc.

But I'm curious what HID - Look amounts to. Does that mean they are as offensive to others at the real thing, but don't really help?
Don't get those blue bulbs. Trust me they don't let you see any better. They are a waste of money. I know from experience. Anyone that says they see better with them is fooling themselves. Also those lights are not DOT approved.

The "HID look" bulbs do not look like HIDs. All they do is a very poor job of immitating the "look of HIDs" by changing the color of the light output. By changing the color, you lose the intensity of the light(meaning it's not as bright), so many of the manufacturers make up for the loss in brightness by increasing the wattage of the bulb. Anything above 80W(100W are popular) will eventually burn out your wiring. I've even seen cases where 80W bulbs have burnt the wiring or blackend it.

About 2 years ago, I bought a pair of HID-blue bulbs for my M3 that I used for about 2 days and stopped using because the light output sucked dong and it really DID NOT look like HIDs. The worst $80 I ever spent. I still have these and if anybody wants them, I'll give it to you for a great deal. FREE!! Just pay for the shipping.

I can't remember it for the life of me, but there was this great website that explained a lot about bulbs and what it really meant when it said 55W=80W. Very good reading, but I have no idea what the site is. Maybe someone here might remember.
Originally posted by johndoh:
... I can't remember it for the life of me, but there was this great website that explained a lot about bulbs and what it really meant when it said 55W=80W. ...

I'm not ranting at johndoh here or suggesting that he doesn't already know this. I'm just taking his lead to vent.

The whole Watts thing with headlights is as misunderstood as with speakers. The number of watts is the power consumption but has absolutely no bearing on brightness in and of itself. You could design a 100W bulb that is as dim as a candle. When they say 55=85 they conveniently don't bother to say what type of 85W bulb is used for comparison. The measurement of light output is lumens, or even candlepower, just as with speakers it should be decibels (generally at 1w 1 meter for sensitivity and at max power for max output). In both cases, watts alone mean nothing useful unless you care about load.

Sorry to rant, but those always get me going, like people who use the flash on their camera in a concert or stadium event.
I agree. I have PIAAs on my GSR which are supposedly the best HID look alike bulbs. The color is definitely whiter than stock and the light output seems marginally higher than stock, but its no comparison to HID. I just put the autolamps HID on the NSX and there is no comparison to stock. Real HID is amazing. PIAAs are just cool to look at, not to look with. I would just save and go with true HID. Its worth it. The HID look alikes are just a waste of money IMHO.


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Even with HID's there are several options and issues to be aware of. I'm on my way to installing a third HID kit for the NSX.

I've learned a lot about the HID retrofit market in the past month and will write an article for NSX Driver and a few of the Internet content sites that I freelance for.

I still have some fact checking but I'll post a summary of my findings when I'm done.