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High Performance VTEC-rockers ??


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12 February 2002
Rotterdam, Netherlands
In my search for NSX parts I came across a website of a company called Webcamshafts.
It's a US company that makes all kinds of performance camshafts for all kinds of motorcycles and cars.
One of the things they list are what they call: High Performance VTEC Rocker Arms. Found it in their on-line catalog. They claim the following:

  • Now you can run more lift than ever possible in a VTEC
  • Our rockers have about double the pad area of the stock rockers - NOW you can run as baig of a cam as you need
  • Now you can use the flow your ports are designed for
  • This combination reduces rockers & valve train weight by over 50 %
  • Now 1 rocker rides on 1 lobe, to control 1 valve (stock VTEC rockers run 2 valves, putting the pressure of 2 springs on one lobe, causing premature failure of lobes in racing applications).
  • Now you can run the spring pressure you need without the worry of lobes going flat and/or broken rockers
  • Eliminates the need for the Lost Motion Assembly (LMA)
  • Requires less oil pressure to the top end, because there's no VTEC to operate. This allows more oil pressure to the bottom.
  • Our Cams and Rockers are hardwelded and have shown to produce the best results in extreme conditions

If I understand them correctly, these rockers are to be used with different camshafts as well, but I do not fully understand their use. AFAIK, it's the lobes on the camshafts that will determine when, how far and how long your valves will open.

It's the first time I have read about this kind of product.
Does anyone have any experience with this product or now if their claims hold up?
This product sounds very intersting. It seems to remove Vtec entirely (not necessarily a bad thing on a high-performance motor build). It claims that you can run whatever cams you want, but I find this hard to believe considering that valve to valve clearance at high lift/duration seems to be the main factor limiting cam grinds on the nsx.
Anyone have any more info?
You are spot on - this removes the VTEC function entirely. If your building a quarter mile hot rod not a bad thing. If you are building a high performance daily or weekend driver not a good thing.
Ferrea makes a similar product.

This would "revert" your engine to an old school hot rod - no low RPM drivability, lumpy idle, and an operating range that starts at about 4000 RPM. Of course with the NSX you're back to the same problem as those who want to keep VTEC - who is going to make those cams for you?

However, if you're running ITBs it probably wouldn't sound too much different. :wink: