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highest miles/year?

I was going at 15.5K/year for the first 5 months I've owned my car (until the accident which has it out of commission until late january). I dont think this will change much once I get the car back, as it's my daily driver and as you've also probably found, in CA, it's really easy to put lots of miles on the car. My daily commute is about 30 miles round trip and on weekends, I can easily put 200 miles on the car. But hey, that what it was made for and thats why I bought it.
Bought the NSX in June and put exactly 3,357 miles and drove it until Dec-23 I finally put it in storage for the winter and hope to be driving it in March.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
I bought my car with the intention of driving no more than 3 days a week and no more than 5-6k miles per year. Well, I have had it 13 months now, started at 55k, just about to roll over to 70k!!! Somehow trips to Atlanta, Birmingham, Calaway Gardens, Road America, plus many more than 3 days a week when the top is off sure adds up. Not the least bit upset though, as I plan to keep this one as long as my 1990 LS400--forever!!!

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
I bought my 1995 NSX-T in the fall of 1997...so it's been 4 solid years since then. At the time of purchase the car had 1800 miles...4 years later, it has 93,000...so that's about 22,800 miles per year, on average...

I bought my 95 three years ago with 8k on the odo. It now has 61k.....avg of 18k per year.

I like byang's attitude - "But hey, that what it was made for and thats why I bought it."
1997 (sold in late 97) to 2002 = ~5 yrs.

20,000 miles on odometer divided by 5 = 4,000 miles per yr. average.

I thought I read the average miles for an NSX owner is 5,000 per yr.

And that is hard to resist doing.

Why I resist driving (adding miles on) the car I have no idea.

Never seen rain either...really dumb.
14,000 miles in a little under a year .But I have more than 1 vehicle but the NSX is my daily drive and road trip warrior.I drive the hell out of it ..