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hmmm....9K for an NSX??? can you say....

It can't be a scam! :biggrin:

This is my FAVORITE part...
"Anything else... if you don't have a girl, you will get 10/hour now no matter how ugly u are (no offence) "

Cause thats why I got an NSX... 10/hr - thats like being Ron Jeremy.

Only one way to find out! I had to take a leap of faith on my internet purchase...flying out to chicago to guy my blk 97 nsx. :D
What's up with this...

Drive Type All wheel drive

I had no idea that '91s had all wheel drive.
The really sad part is these scams are all over the net and ebay 'cause they have worked before. Things that make you go hmmm... :eek: :confused: :confused: :confused:
If anyone hasn't taken the chance to read the text, it is incredible.

My favorite part:
"Lot's of money i spent making it as it is. And more money to make it legal to drive on our streets."

Umm, the car looks stock to me. ('cept the chrome wheels and the shift knob)

I didn't know that shift knobs required special legal considerations.

Actually, the really amazing part of the scam is that he wants 30% of $9k immediatly, and then "sure" he'll send you the car to drive around until you want to pay the rest.
slashmatt said:
...Actually, the really amazing part of the scam is that he wants 30% of $9k immediatly, and then "sure" he'll send you the car to drive around until you want to pay the rest.

Come on Matt. We'll each put in 15% and drive the car around for a few months and never send the guy the rest of the cash. Then we can sell it easily for $18k.

Are you in?? :biggrin:
Here is what he said:

Hello and thank you for contacting me.
I will tell you a few words about the car (1991 ACURA NSX COUPE).
First of all the car is fully restored and looks just like in the
pictures.It is in imaculate condition and has no schrach on and hasn't
been involved in any accident.
The motor runs very well.This is great car that has a lot of the
original parts and the tires are almost new.
The title is clear,it is not a salvage one and can be registred in your name
The car belongs to my brother.He died two weeks ago in a bike accident.
The car is now in Los Angeles,CA as my brother lived there.I am now here as
took care of the funerals.
Because i can't carry all his things back home i am selling them.
I know that the price is low but i have no use for the car and I want
to get back home as soon as i sell it.
I want to sell the car asap so I am willing to pay the shipping fees
nomatter of the location.
I require a deposit of 2,700 USD (25%),with the balance 6,300 (75%) when the
car arrive at your shipping door.
The total price i hope to sell this car is 6,000 USD.
I will ship using KLM 3-5 days, by plane to the nearest airport.
From there a truck will bring the car at your door.The money is a
reservation for the car.
First one who makes the deposit will be the buyer.I need the deposit to be
sure that you want the car and in order to proceed with shipping and all
the aditional export taxes.
I wait your further questions and i will provide any infos you need.
Thank you

I asked this fellow about this car and told him I could not pay nothing until I got car. Here is his response.

Hello there!
I have researched and tested different payment methods and the
cheapest ones are the slowest.
I have found one that it is the fastest,to make the deposit.
Their fees are high, but since I want to make this deal as soon
as possible and I believe you are too,
I will be prepared to cover 50% of the Western Union wire transfer fee.
I will choose to use this service as I will have access to the funds
very fast and I will ship you the car with the delivery career
in max 12-14 hours after I receive the deposit payment confirmation
from you.
As mentioned in my previous emails, I prefer to use KLM 5 days air
insured for shipping and I will cover shipping and insurance charges.
I have told you from the beginning that you will cover 50% of the
Western Union wire transfer fee so, please do not consider it a "hidden
In total, you will need to pay the buy now the deposit price which is
2,700 USD plus the Western Union fee.
For the Western Union wire transfer, you will need my name and address:

Chris Stam
8331 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles

Please email me your full name and shipping address before complete the
If you can arrange the payment with Western Union wire transfer in a
few hrs,
I will ship you he car with KLM 5, 2 days air insured in max 10-12 hrs.
They will shipp to the nearest airport and from there a person will bring
the car at your door.
Thank you and I will wait your email.
Chris Stam
Either someone bought it, or he was feeling heat, because the auction is gone now.
DocL said:
Come on Matt. We'll each put in 15% and drive the car around for a few months and never send the guy the rest of the cash. Then we can sell it easily for $18k.

Are you in?? :biggrin:

Well, as I see it, we can each put in 15% and each lose $1350 dollars if you really want to.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :biggrin:
He sent me another choice...

Sir the deal through your bank will be very long and i don`t have the time
to wait.
I understand very well your concern but you must understand me too that i
have to be sure that you are serious and that you have the money availble
for this deal.Insead of sending the payment to me at western union,you will
send it to a fake name ( your friends name) After you have arranged the
payment with WU, you will email me the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
and your friend name ,so I can verify the transaction. After that, I will
ship you the car with KLM Shipping service insured and I will cover shipping
and insurance charges. Immediatly after the car arrives, you will change
your friends name with my name.I think that this is fair enough for both of

Let me know if this is ok with you.

the ad has already been pulled, so I don't know how to pull this guys chain and tell him that I'm in LA and have cash in hand and ask where can I see the car and then see what he says :eek: ...do you have his contact info??? :tongue:
THIS IS a SCAM!!! Please don't fall for this.
The scam artists always use this tactic with similar variations. They almost always use "KLM" as their prefered named transportation. Call KLM & you will find that their name is always used in these scams. Fact is...Air transportation is very expensive & would cost Approx. $3,000.
These scammers also try to use The name "Square Trade" as an independent source, where they claim they will have your money "held" until the car arrives at your location. Square Trade does NOT hold funds. Recently, on EBay, this same tactic was used. They (the scammers) then pull the listing as soon as they have acquired your email address, to contact you directly.
They will continue to conact you for some time, even using "real" Square Trade web pages to lure you in. All these scammers are interested in, is to acquire your "deposit" (and countless others) and move on. Square Trade also NEVER uses Western Union as a depository...they are only an agency for mediation. The FBI, Square Trade & EBay are all aware of this scam, but have a hard time stopping it, as the listings are always removed so quickly & different "names" are used. Good luck if you sent your $...you'll need it! :frown:
todddejag said:
Do ya think? :smile: This is very unfortunate because my client is very interested in this car. We just had a transaction fall through and I have his check sitting on my desk for $14,000 (Fourteen thousand dollars). If the seller wants to send me a check for the difference and the car, we could close this deal very quickly.

Shoot, for 9 grand, I'd fly there, and pick the car up, and still come out way ahead. If it was still listed, I'd offer him that, and we wouldn't have to worry about WU. Granted, it's a SCAM!