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Hmmmm....would you buy my crappy car???

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13 January 2004
:mad: I thought that I posted this yesterday...oh well. I guess it didn't go through.

Hey guys,
I am going to leave the nsx community for a little while, that means I am going to buy one back later on in a couple of years, so my question is: how much to sell my car for. My car is a 91 with a 2002 front and 140k (drive tran is good and engine has great compression) miles on it and it is mainly freeway because I drive it to school. I checked some of the other cars for pricing, but nothing is really like mine. I just want to sell it for a fair price, but I don't know what is fair. So, if some of you have time can you let me know how much to sell it at/how much you you personally buy it for. All the 02 parts are real Honda OEM parts. :biggrin:

Thanks alot guys, any response is appreciated.
By the way, pictures: http://www.nsxprime.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=9437
here is a list of what i did to it lately.
*Nov, 2004-RPS single disc clutch with new cyn-r-g :rolleyes: lighten flywheel-done at autowave-2000 miles ago for $3000 parts and labor
*Nov, 2004-Master cylinder (new)
*Nov, 2004-firewall water hose (new)
*Nov, 2004 completely rebuilt starter $200
*Mar, 2005 new battery
*Mar, 2005 4 new tires

thanks in advance!!
Hello! From your pictures the outside looks very nice, but what about the inside? The ivory interior cars either look amazing, or totally beat down usually. That will have a tremendous difference on the value of your car as the interior is where the new buyer will spend the most time, and a clean and not overly worn interior makes the whole car look better. Assuming yours in in average condition I would probably pay somewhere around $23,500-$24,500 for your car. While I personally am not afraid of higher mile NSX's, the fact that an 80,000 mile NSX can be had for around $25,500 has an impact on the price of your car. Either way, it looks very nice and good luck with your sale.

(*You probably do not want to list it like you did the title of this thread calling it a 'crappy car'. That is just not smart for resale value. ;) )
Zero-Cool said:
$28,000....easy!!! cost around 7000.00 just to do the front end... Very nice car...

you should know you never get even half the money in mods you spent on a car when u sell it...

man i wish i was graduating college this year, cuz this thread would be closed and i'd have a new car :-D
I can solve both your problems. You want to sell your NSX and then buy one again in the future. I will give you $3500.00 for the use of your car until November, then you get the car back.
i would think its worth a good 30k... Although many people say that u never get back the money you invest into your car, a front end update in my opinion will hold its value. If you think about it, if someone wants a nsx for a decent price... IE 1/3 of the ACTUAL price of this car new... they get the look of 02 up and are paying 33% of what the car new really costs, and get the benefit of the newer looks. This may just be my bias opinion bc i did an all acura part front end conversion on my car as well... but thats how i feel about the situation.
good luck
First, the word “crappy” was just to get some attention :tongue: kekeke. I was tired at the time when I finished washing the car, not to mention the loss of elbow grease for waxing the car just to get rained on; so “crappy” was just from a moment of frustration.
Anyways, thanks for the responses.

Mitch: The whole ivory and black combination should not have even left the factory imo. Blk and blk is nice. Everything is okay other than the seats which have 140k of wear and tear, but I was thinking of some red Sparcos if no one wants to purchase the car. And this time I think I am going to leave out the word “crappy.” haha

Zero: I like your price better than Mitch’s; no hard feeling Mitch. The parts alone costs close to that price, not to mention the labor. And thanks.

Ricky Sals: Your going to need the $1000 in college for beer and ummm NSX for girls j/k. And by the way, you’re not going to need a car like this when you are OUT of college. That’s why I brought mine TO college :cool: .

Steveny: Sounds good, but I need more than $3500 for the business investment that I am selling my car for. Keke. But that sounds like a good plan.

Gobble: Thank You……3.5 hrs of washing and waxing and I forgot to put it in the damn/Darn garage….then I got rained on. Sighhhh

PoohBEAR: Actually the stereo is pretty crappy…..

NSX: Your X is clean clean clean. How much did it cost you to from start to finish? I envy you. I wish I could keep mine. I love your response because it’s the hightest amount :wink: and don’t mind me if I use your quote to sell. Maybe I can paypal you some commission….haha :biggrin:

Dave: That’s what 1 of my friend said, but I have countless numbers of friends and strangers telling me how unique the car is. The condition of it is pretty good, so people always think that it is a 02….. unless you are an nsx fan, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. But I always tell people that it is a 91….ummm except this one time when a hot chick asked :cool: .

Thanks guys. :smile:
Please provide maintenence history. If your listing above is the maintenance history it will need a few things:). T/Belt & 60K service to start, add all coolant hoses, maybe a seal or two and it will effect the resale.

Fros7 said:
The parts alone costs close to that price, not to mention the labor.
Depending on the mod(s) and the car, you can at best only expect to get back a fraction of what you paid for the mods. Some mods won't add anything to the market value, and some could even lower the market value.

I really don't think a 2002 conversion adds much to a '91 with 140K miles. Those considering an NSX with that high mileage are likely to be concerned mostly with price, and less likely to pay much, if anything, additional for the conversion. (Even on a lower-mileage '91, it would be difficult to get all that much more in market value for the 2002 conversion, because it would depend on finding a buyer who is willing to pay extra, which could be difficult.)

I think Mitch is in the ballpark, and agree with Larry that the price could be affected by whether the scheduled maintenance has been done on time. If the scheduled maintenance is up to date and the condition is as good as described, then this car might sell for Mitch's upper end of $24,500; otherwise, it might not, and might get as little as $20-21K or so. That's my guess. Of course, if this is lower than you figure, you don't have to believe me; ask whatever you want. And if you can't get what you want for it, and you decide instead to keep it and put in seats and other mods, go for it and enjoy it!
my suggestion....

-trade your 02+ frontend w/ someone elses 91-01' NSX frontend (same color) + cash...

then sell the car itself around $21-23K...
I like the front end, I would consider selling it to me... I am in socal... I know you are in CA though.
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