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Holly S..T!!!


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18 September 2005
Southern California
Turtle w/o the shell maybe? Either that, or it's naked pics of Rosie O'Donnell.

I would think its a dog, but the face looks sorta like a turtle shaped face.
Who know's iv'e heard stories from a person at work about something they found on a lake, but it's just to hard to believe :biggrin:. I just say they must of been on some kind of something :rolleyes:.
Lol,I'de say the body is dog ,the head is farce.:rolleyes:
Saw Jeff what's his name on TV the other day. The really funny guy that travels all around the world in search of animals. Any way, he said it was a dog or a racoon that was in a state of decomposition. He also said it was only about two feet long.
lol looks like some one did research.